Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bed Rest Update + 38 Weeks Tomorrow!

Well, I've officially been on bed rest for 2 weeks as of today. I'd like to say that it's been relaxing & enjoyable but that would be a lie. I've watched SO much TV that I feel like my eyes might fall out. I even hurried home the other day from my doctor's appointment just so I could watch Final Jeopardy. Being on bed rest is kind of like when you're sick & you feel like you're never going to get better & you're so eager to get back into the real world. Anyway, I felt like I should give everyone a bed rest update on how Ruby & I are doing, so here you go!


We are both doing okay! Ruby is staying nice & healthy. Her heart rate has been good-- every time I do my NST's, they like what they see on her end. Me on the other hand.. just call me high maintenance I guess. My blood pressure stays high until I lay on my left side (& even on my right side! The nurse today who did my NST let me lay on my right so I didn't have to stare at the wall & my blood pressure was great laying that way!). My doctor has been out of the country for my last two appointments so I've seen a different doctor & my doctor's PA. They both haven't been concerned about anything while she's been gone, they've just kept me on bed rest! Which basically it sounds like I'll stay on it until Ruby is born. The nurse who did my NST today told me she'd be surprised if my doctor doesn't discuss with me on Monday at my appointment about being induced in the future. I have mixed feelings about it, but ultimately I want to do what's best for Ruby & me. I'm also pretty ready to get this show on the road soon. I REALLY want to make it to October for some reason. I don't know why, but I want an October baby ha. So let's make it until at least Saturday, Ruby! I know that keeping her in me as long as possible to "cook" is good, but this whole waiting process & being stuck on bed rest is getting really old.

I've made some progression in terms of my body getting prepared to have her, but nothing super significant. And I haven't had any real contractions yet (which I'm not really complaining about). Tomorrow I'll be 38 weeks.. Yay! All I can say is I'm thankful that the nurses & doctors are monitoring Ruby & me to make sure we stay healthy.. And that fall TV shows have come back on or else I'd have nothing to do all day long :)

Here's to hoping Ruby is an October babe & I get off bed rest soon!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Baby Bump: 36 Weeks

Well, it's been a while since I've done a baby bump update! We've been busy with showers & getting prepared for our Ruby to arrive here in the next few weeks. I'm officially 36 weeks & 3 days today & it feels like crunch time.


So for those of you who don't know, last week I went to the doctor for my weekly checkup & my blood pressure was pretty stinkin' high. I've had some bad swelling in my feet recently but haven't had any blood pressure issues at all during this pregnancy. So needless to say, I was pretty shocked to find out my blood pressure was as high as it was last Monday. My doctor ordered me to have NSTs (non-stress tests) done two times a week until Ruby gets here & I was originally told to just take it easy & don't overdo it. Well I went for my second NST last Thursday & was officially put on bed rest (yay..... *sarcasm*). I also had to get an extra NST done Saturday.

When I sit up, my blood pressure is pretty high, but when I lay on my left side, it goes down & is practically perfect. Ruby is staying healthy which makes me feel a million times better. But it has been a little unnerving this past week just because it seems like it hit us out of nowhere. My doctor told me it's not terribly uncommon for women to have high blood pressure issues during the last few weeks of pregnancy & it makes me feel better that they're monitoring everything. My doctor is actually out of the country for the next week so I will see a different doctor while she's gone. And we'll see what she says tomorrow along with another NST.

So after all of that, here's my typical baby bump breakdown for you!

Baby: About the size of a ripe papaya or a large cantaloupe (19-22 in, 6 lbs).

How I feel: I feel fine for the most part! Just stuck on bed rest, so obviously my left side is starting to get annoyed with me laying on it all of the time. I feel like I may be having some fake contractions randomly & I think Ruby is headed down if you know what I mean. I've had some pain with all of that, but it hasn't been too terrible yet.

Food: I'm a little upset I didn't take more advantage of the whole "being pregnant & making people eat what I want" thing haha. Things sound good but I guess I never really had a lot of cravings during this pregnancy. Oh well!

Clothing: Oh clothes.. I'm so ready to feel semi-more like myself after I have Ruby. (Obviously I know I'm not going to go straight back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but at least dropping 10 pounds would make me feel better about my life ha.) Maybe at least I'll be able to fit into more than a handful of shirts again..

Sleep: I literally had one of the best nights sleep in a long time last week.. & I had some of the worst. The past few nights, I've woken up every hour because of pain or having to go to the bathroom. Like everyone says though, it's getting me ready. A statement at which I've had to hold myself back from trying to not roll my eyes. Did I mention I've been a little emotional & sassy recently? Haha

Best moment of the week: Even though this past week has been "exciting," & there's a lot I could complain about (which I have plenty, trust me), I'm so thankful Ruby is doing good. As long as she's healthy, that's all that matters to me. I love this little girl so much already, I'd do anything for her.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting her! We've pretty much got everything ready for her to get here.. Thanks to Andrew & my mom specifically for that. Since I've been on bed rest, my list of things I needed to get done have been haunting me & keeping me up at night. But Andrew & my mom have literally done everything. I don't know what I would do without them both. Andrew even painted my toenails the other day! Ha. My mom has dropped everything to come help me with cleaning, organizing & so much more. And so many people have came over, called or texted me to check on Ruby & myself. I am overwhelmingly grateful for everyone who has reached out to us. God has blessed Andrew & I with the best friends & family.

So here's to hoping that Ruby stays inside a couple more weeks, but we're ready to meet her.. & I'm ready to get her out of here ;).

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Baby Bump: 32 Weeks

32 weeks & 4 days to be exact! Ahhh! Here's the latest bump update for you!


Baby: About the size of a head of lettuce (19 in, 3.9 lbs)

How I feel: PREGNANT! It's definitely starting to wear on me more lately. I'm tired all the time & my body aches in ways I never really knew it could. But other than that, I'm making it! I'm hoping the heat is starting to calm down here.. I need some fall weather in my life-- weather that won't make me instantly start sweating the moment I step outside.

Food: I'm still not craving anything really. I have noticed I'm a little more hungry than normal.. I think it's because Ruby is gaining half a pound each week!

Clothing: Nothing new in the clothing department really over here. I'm sure pretty soon I'll have to invest in some maternity jeans (even though I'm almost done with this pregnancy). I don't think I'll be able to quite make it wearing shorts every day until mid-October. Currently though, on "cooler" days, I've gotten away with wearing leggings & they suffice. Plus they're comfy. So maybe I won't have to buy any jeans after all.

Sleep: Like I said before, I'm tired all the time. I'm having a harder time falling asleep, but it's really not been too terrible. I wake up a lot during the night to go to the bathroom. My doctor says that Ruby is making her way head down & I can definitely feel the pressure on my bladder (ha!).

Best moment of the week: On Sunday our cul-de-sac had the sweetest baby shower for me! My mom & mother-in-law got to join in on the fun as well. Ruby & I definitely felt loved by our neighbors. Seriously guys, I don't think we will EVER have this awesome of neighbors again in our lifetime. They are the best. Andrew & I love where we live because of them.






What I'm looking forward to: We still have two more baby showers coming up! I'm excited to start washing all of Ruby's clothes & getting everything in order before she comes. It seems like time is flying by & I can't believe my eyes every time I look at the calendar. We still have one more baby class next month over infant massage which we're excited about! We finished all of our other ones (Caring for Your Baby, Birth of Your Baby, Breastfeeding, & Infant CPR) & I feel so much more informed about this whole experience we're about to embark on. Andrew on the other hand may be a little more nervous after watching the birthing video in class the other night ;). We're both super excited about her arrival, but we're definitely soaking in our last few weeks of being a family of two.

Here's to the last 7-8ish more weeks!

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