Monday, August 7, 2017

Ten Months With Ruby!

Ruby turned 10 months old on Saturday! I can't believe we're less than two months away until she turns one! Time really does fly. To our surprise, Ruby took her first "steps" behind her walker toy to celebrate the occasion on Saturday! Andrew & I were pretty ecstatic! The thought of her walking on her own soon both excites me & intimidates me. It's so fun to see her learning & doing new things, but I keep thinking about how I'm going to be more on the move with her & that makes me want to break out my FitBit again ha!

This past month, Ruby finally said "dada" & now says it all the time. She totally threw out the whole "mama" word when she realized she could say "dada." She likes him better anyways! Ruby has started eating more big girl table food this past month which she loves! She's getting tired of pureed food other than the squeezer ones, which make her feel all independent & whatnot.

Ruby finally learned how to wave, but she doesn't do it that often. She mainly just wants to clap & dance, even when there's no music playing! She does love music though. And she also loves playing with her books, which makes me think she enjoys reading too! Ruby got two more teeth this past month. So currently she has her bottom two front teeth & then two on top.. but not the front ones, it's the ones next to where the two middle teeth should be ha. I think the middle top teeth aren't too far behind though! They looked pretty swollen this morning when she let me take a look (which she hates & hardly ever lets me do).

Snotty nosed girl! I blame it on teething!
We are amazed at how our sweet girl is growing & so thankful that God allowed us to be her parents.

Happy 10 months, Ruby June! We love you!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nine Months With Ruby!

Ruby has officially been out in the world longer than she was in my belly... Even though I feel like I was just pregnant with her last month. I can't believe how fast this year is going. Ruby went to her 9 month well check on Monday & her next one is the 1 year appointment *trying not to cry*.

This past month has probably been the busiest month for her. She learned how to crawl & say "mama" & "baba" (not dada yet.. Andrew just thinks "baba" means him ha!). Ruby has also been trying to pull up on stuff. She officially pulls up on me anytime we're sitting next to each other. And this morning, she pulled up on the bathtub all by herself! Speaking of bathtub, this past month we ditched the baby bathtub & stuck her in the "big girl tub." She loves splashing around in it & also loves swimming in the pool! Her little swimsuit from Target is super cute :)

Ruby attended her first VBS this month & during it, cut her first tooth! She now has the bottom two teeth & her doctor said the top two aren't far behind. Ruby helped me celebrate my birthday last week & it made me think of how different last year's birthday was compared to this one. I'll tell you one thing, I definitely was more comfortable this birthday compared to last year's haha! We also celebrated Andrew's first Father's Day a few weeks ago. I love those two so much!

At Ruby's well check appointment the other day, she was a little down in the percentile of height & weight so we're feeding her more & starting up on all the finger food things. A couple of weeks ago, Ruby gagged at the sight of Puffs, but now she likes them! And she's starting to like those yogurt melt things as well! She's obsessed with her straw sippy cup & her banana toothbrush. We always take that sippy cup with us when we go out to eat because it keeps her entertained ha!

Ruby is still in love with Murphy & the poor dog can't get a break from her very often.. Let's just say, he loves her nap time & bed time! But he does like to go in & "wake her up." After Ruby gets up from her nap, I usually call for him & he comes to push the door open & sticks his nose through one of her crib bars & they say "hello" to each other. It's seriously the cutest thing!

Happy 9 Months, Ruby! We love you more than words can say!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Eight Months With Ruby!

Remember me? I used to blog around here. One of these days I'll get back into the swing of things, I promise :). Enough about me though, Ruby turned 8 months old yesterday! Her first year of life is flying by so fast. Pretty soon we'll have to start planning a birthday party for her. I'm not ready for that yet!

This past month has definitely been an exciting one for Ruby. She learned how to go from being on her belly to sitting up all by herself. She also learned how to clap, high five, & my personal favorite, dance! It's seriously the cutest thing ever. Ruby has been pretty grumpy lately, most likely from teething. Her gums feel hard & swollen, but then again we thought that last month too.. So who knows?! We're just winging this whole parenting thing ;).

Dancing! Haha
Ruby is still obsessed with Murphy. He's not so sure about her though. He likes her unless she starts "petting" him, aka pulling his hair haha. I'm trying to teach her that we have to be gentle & use soft touches with Murphy but who am I kidding, she's a baby & still has no idea what I'm saying! Teach 'em young though, right?

Ruby is also trying to crawl. She can't figure out this one leg yet that keeps getting stuck under her bottom. The other leg has the right idea, but she still can't figure out how to maneuver the other leg out to start moving. She has though, attempted to pull up on stuff-- which results in face plants & tears. Growing up is hard work! Pretty soon we're hoping she'll say "Mama" & "Dada" (obviously "Mama" first!). Ruby is still the happiest little girl ever. She loves to smile & thinks her parents are all that & a bag of chips!

My loves!

Happy 8 months, Ruby girl! We love you so!

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