Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oh the Places [I'd Like To] Go

Let's be real here, I'm a home-body.  I love being in the comfort of my own home.  I love sleeping in my own bed.  I love getting ready in my own bathroom.  I love not having to dig clothes out of a suitcase.  But I also love to experience things & go places I've never been before.

When I was growing up, we rarely traveled.  (I was actually talking to my mom about this the other day.)  Back in the day when we would tell people we were going out of town, everyone would get so excited for us & be like, "So where'ya goin'?!" & we'd always answer, "Ohio" because that's usually about the only trip or "vacation" we ever took when I was growing up [My Dad's side of the family lives up there] (& no offense to Ohio or the people in it. We loved going there every year, it's just the only place we ever went!).  

My husband, Andrew, on the other hand has been to a bazillion places.  His family always took vacations, so almost anywhere I want to go, he's probably already been to.  The good thing is though, he likes to travel.  Which means he likes to travel with me.  Which means he wants to take me places.  Which means maybe one day I'll actually get to go to the happiest place on earth. :)

On that note, here are some of the Oh the Places [I'd Like To] Go (in no particular order I might add)...

Washington, D.C.

I don't care what people think about our government right now, I want to see all of the history about our nation that is in this city.  I love history & I think I would be amazed at everything that's there.  Plus, I'd like to walk by the White House & pretend I'm Olivia Pope.

New York City, NY

I had to find the picture with "Wicked" in it.  I have dreamed about going to NYC for pretty much forever now.  I know people complain that it's too busy & crazy, but I don't care.  I want to go experience the 'city that never sleeps.'  I also want to go experience all of the things Taza says I should in her NYC guide.

San Diego, CA

I really want to go visit Cali one day, but not really the LA/Hollywood area [also no offense].  I've always heard San Diego is a great area place to visit & it looks really beautiful.  Also, I hear the San Diego Zoo is a great one & I love the zoo.


Okay, so I've been really into the show "Lost" lately & knowing that they filmed the majority of the show on the island of Oahu makes me want to visit even more than I wanted to before.  Especially this little landmark where Hurley built his golf course during the first season of the show to help give the people some entertainment while stuck on this crazy island.

Anyways, I really do want to go to Hawaii though, not just because of Lost.  I love the fact that it is still in the States & there is so much to see & do on all of the islands.  The water always looks so beautiful & I'd really like to visit Pearl Harbor as well.

Disney World, FL

Yes, I'm a little old for someone to say that they've never been to Disney World before.  Honestly, I really just want to go, to go.  I want to see what all of the "hoopla" is about.  & let's be real here, I'm a Disney Princess gal at heart.

Somewhere in the Caribbean

Andrew & I have actually talked about taking a trip to somewhere in the Caribbean sometime at the end of the year.  Neither one of us are really big "beachy" people, but I mean, look at that view.  I really want to see some pretty, blue water.  None of that water that looks like I'm swimming at the lake.  So if any of you guys have any good places to go in the Caribbean, we'd love to hear your suggestions!


Specifically Venice, but I'd go anywhere in Italy honestly.  This is my ultimate dream trip.  Like, I would love to take a gondola ride through the "streets" of Venice.  It just looks so magical.  I'd also like to pretend I'm Angelina Jolie looking fabulous riding in a boat like she did in the movie, The Tourist.

So basically, those are my Oh the Place [I'd Like To] Go.  Maybe I can convince Andrew to take me to some of these places before we die :)

Where are some of the places you'd like to go? Or where are some more places I should add to my list?

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