Monday, March 23, 2015

Signs You're the "Mom" of Your Friend Group

I can hear Sam saying now, "You're like my mom!"

Yes, I am the "mom" of my friend group.  I'm quite proud of it actually.  I've always wanted to be a mom & apparently I practice it on my friends.  But when you're the mom of your friend group, sometimes you're a "nagger."  And I don't want to be a person who nags all of the time.  But let's face it, sometimes my friends act like children (no offense guys).

So, here's some signs that you might be the mom of your friend group.

1. "You have something on your face." 
I have one specific friend who asks me anytime if he has something on his face.  "Why?" you might ask.  Because I'm honest.  I know I wouldn't want to walk around with food all over my face.  So I think the best thing here is for me to be honest to him & tell him, "Yes, you have something right there."

2. "Make sure to move the decorative pillows before you sit there." 
Yes, those pillows cost money & they're not made to be your headrest.  That's what sleeping pillows are for.  They're meant to be decorative. Duh.

3. "I got plenty of napkins." 
Let's face it.  If you're the mom of your friend group, you always grab napkins.  Not one, not two.  But a big, giant handful of them.  Sorry to the earth & all that, but my friends are messy.  We can't go around with them having stuff on their face (sign #1).

4. "Get a coaster."
No one likes those rings from your cold, sweaty glass on their nice, new side table.  So be kind & make sure you have a coaster for those of us who appreciate their furniture.

5. "Leave your shoes at the door so you don't track stuff in." 
Especially after I just cleaned the floor.  Who wants dirt, grass, snow, rain, etc. on their freshly cleaned floor?!  Not this gal.  I just spent all that time cleaning the floor so I don't want someone to track everything from outside in.  

6. "You need to take a shower, you smell bad." 
Maybe I'm brutally honest, or even rude.  But the mom of the friend group makes sure her "children" are clean (or at least smell decent).  Not that they listen to me.

7. "I'm childproof-locking the windows!"
The other day, I had a friend from school riding with me & she asked me if I could roll down her window because my childproof lock was on in my car.  The answer I gave her was, "Oh, yeah!  Sorry, sometimes my friends act like children."  That's why I childproof the windows--so I don't have one of them hanging out the side of my car singing or yelling at the car next to us. 

8. "You shouldn't do that." 
This one pretty much speaks for itself.

9. "Don't spill something on my couch!"
We got new couches back in September & it really freaks me out when someone is sitting on our couch with a drink in their hand.  I actually made them move & sit on the floor last time they were at my house.

10. "Are you feeling ok? You sound sick."

Out of all of the signs, at least this one is the most caring.  I'm genuinely concerned for the health of my friends.  If someone is sick, I want to help them get better.  That's why they always ask me if I have ibuprofen when they have a headache (they know I always keep some with me at all times... another mom sign).  Also if someone is sick, I definitely don't want it.  So that's another reason why I want to know.  "Cover your mouth."

Being the mom of your friend group isn't a bad thing.  We all need our mom every now & then to help us through life.  It just turns out that I'm my friends' "mom" even if they don't want me to be.

So who is the "mom" in your friend group?

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