Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Instagram Challenge Update Part 1

As some of you may remember from a previous blog post, I have been taking part in an April Instagram Challenge started by Helene in Between.  I wanted to give you all a picture update of my first half of the challenge.  I'm having so much fun taking part in it.  I feel like I have gotten to know a lot of other bloggers as well through the challenge.  Hope you enjoy my first half of pictures from April 1-15!

Day 1

A few of my favorite things

"@sarcunningham: Day 1. Currently a few of my favorite things // Macbook + Cafe Bella + Anthropologie candle + 365 Blog Ideas book + notebook + eos lip balm + Salt Water Sandals #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 2

Where you find inspiration

"@sarcunningham: Day 2. Where I find inspiration... Thinking about the beautiful view & fresh air of Seattle, WA (also with that cup of joe in hand) #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 3

Coffee break

"@sarcunningham: Day 3 of #30PhotosInBetween // Coffee break"

Day 4


"@sarcunningham: Day 4. Got my pretty pastels in my Easter flower arrangement, sent from my lovely Mother as a surprise at work today #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 5


"@sarcunningham: Day 5. Happy Easter from the Cunningham's! #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 6


"@sarcunningham: Day 6. Decided to change #30PhotosInBetween up a little bit today & go with #viewfrombelow instead since the sky cleared up & the trees were so pretty!"

Day 7

Paw-sibly the cutest pet

"@sarcunningham: Day 7. Wishing I had my own cockapoo puppy to play with.. It would paw-sibly be the cutest pet ever. #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 8

Word Play

"@sarcunningham: Day 8. A little coffee word play on this eerie day in Oklahoma #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 9

Lately Lusting

"@sarcunningham: Day 9. Changing it up a little bit again today.. Lately looking forward to GRADUATION // So. Stinking. Excited. #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 10

Who do you love?

"@sarcunningham: Day 10. Who I love.. My sweet husband #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 11

Flower power

"@sarcunningham: Day 11. Pretty endless supply of tulips today // Spring is lovely #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 12


"@sarcunningham: Day 12. Chasing light in beautiful Oklahoma #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 13

Pops of pink

"@sarcunningham: Day 13. So many pops of pink even on this rainy day #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 14

Treat yo' self

"@sarcunningham: Day 14. Treat-yo-self-Tuesday. After a long day, I'm treating myself to an Icee, Christmas socks, & leggings. #30PhotosInBetween #holla"

Day 15

Sippin' on

"@sarcunningham: Day 15. I'm sippin' on some Cafe Bella coffee on this beautiful spring day.. Happy Wednesday everyone! #30PhotosInBetween"

Anyone else doing Helene's Instagram challenge?? If so, how is it going for you?!

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