Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Instagram Challenge Update Part 2

As you may remember from previous posts, I took part in an April Instagram Challenge created by Helene in Between.  I did an update of how the challenge was going for me on a first post, & wanted to update you all with the last half!  It has seriously been so fun to do this challenge.  I hope Helene does another one in the future.  I have gotten to know so many new bloggers, gained some new followers, & learned a lot about how to create a better picture.

Day 16

Favorite time of the day

"@sarcunningham: Day 16. My favorite part of the day is any time watching Netflix #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 17

Show me what you're workin' with

"@sarcunningham: Day 17. What I'm workin' with today (& what seems like everyday lately) is my practicum board for my capstone on May 1st! Almost there! #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 18

Colorful Life

"@sarcunningham: Day 18. Colorful Life #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 19


"@sarcunningham: Day 19. Afternoons like these.. Thankful to be an Oklahoman today on the 20th anniversary of the Murrah bombing in my hometown. We Oklahomans always stick together. And I'm also thankful for a kind barista who upped my drink to a venti for no extra charge today (it's the little things) #30PhotosInBetween #WeRemember #OklahomaStrong"

Day 20

Self Portrait

"@sarcunningham: Day 20. Self portrait with a yummy donut #lifeisgood #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 21

Talk to the hand

"@sarcunningham: Day 21. I love having painted nails paired with my pretty wedding ring #talktothehand #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 22

The great outdoors

"@sarcunningham: Day 22. The great outdoors.. We currently have some pretty blooms at our house (hopefully we can keep them alive this year) #30PhotosInBetween" 

Day 23


"@sarcunningham: Day 23. As Andrew said, 'Quesoooo-great" #prettylittlethings #30PhotosInBetween #yum"

Day 24

Life is beautiful

"@sarcunningham: Day 24. I love getting sweet love notes from my husband.. Life is beautiful #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 25

Fun in the sun

"@sarcunningham: Day 25. Fun in the sun trying to play with Jack & Shelby (our neighbor's dogs) over the fence #30PhotosInBetween #blueskyblooms

Day 26

Omg, shoes

"@sarcunningham: Day 26. Omg shoes in some pretty green grass! #30PhotosInBetween"

Day 27


"@sarcunningham: Day 27. Finished with all of my stuff for capstone on Friday.. Trying to relax until then with a bowl of ice cream #NailedIt #30PhotosInBetween #soclose #yum"

Day 28

What I'm Reading

"@sarcunningham: Day 28. Trying to finish what I'm reading since I got so busy after I started it a while back.. The goal is to finish it though #30PhotosInBetween #whatimreading #NicholasSparks

Day 29

My View

"@sarcunningham: Day 29. My view is some fresh flowers that were given to me by my grandparents when I was at their house today #30PhotosInBetween #spring #springblooms"

Day 30


"@sarcunningham: Day 30. The last day of #30PhotosInBetween makes me kind of sad because I've had so much fun! #TBT tho back to our engagement pics (which seems like forever ago)"

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