Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Instagram Challenge

Blogging is easily becoming one of my favorite hobbies. This month, I'm so excited to be joining a fellow blogger, Helene in Between & her April Instagram Challenge, #30photosinbetween! For all my fellow bloggers & Instagrammers, you should also do this fun challenge. It will help you connect with other bloggers & maybe you'll even gain some new followers :)

Feel free to get creative & branch outside the topic of the day a little! Here's Helene's list is...

Make sure you use the hashtag so you can link up with other bloggers & Instagrammers. It'll be so much fun! Thanks, Helene for starting this awesome challenge!

^my first day post... "A few of my favorite things"

A few of my favorite things in this picture include:

-MacBook:  Older white one, not MacBook Pro

-Café Bella: Toffee Bit Espresso Frappe (with no whip cream).. Best coffee shop in SW OKC

-Anthropologie candle:  Ginger Peel (Andrew actually got me this candle for Valentine's Day & I'm very proud of him!).. Also, Anthropologie has the best candles just F.Y.I.

-365 Blog Topic Ideas:  Just bought this book on Amazon & it's awesome for any of you lifestyle bloggers out there

-Notebook:  A cute "Rejoice & Be Glad" notebook I found on sale at Target one day (love cheap finds)

-EOS Lip Balm:  Mint is currently my favorite flavor

-Saltwater Sandals:  Bought these tan ones & I'm considering buying a different color as well because I love them so much

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Now, who else is up for the challenge?!

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