Saturday, April 4, 2015

Restaurant Review: Syrup

On Good Friday, Andrew had the day off & I didn't have to work (but still had a class at noon). We decided that we would go eat breakfast at a restaurant in Norman called Syrup that morning.  We have probably had this "Syrup date" planned since January-- knowing our schedule for that day already. So we woke up early (on my only day to sleep in I might add) & headed down to Norman for some breakfast. 

Last time Andrew & I decided to try to go to Syrup, there was a really long wait & we didn't have time. This time though, we made sure we had enough time even if we had to wait (& we were hoping that since it was a Friday instead of a Saturday, it wouldn't be quite as busy). 

Syrup is such a cute restaurant. It's got a modern look with a little hipster feel to go along with it. Andrew & I really enjoyed it a lot. I also found out by writing this post that Syrup gives some of its profits to the community & third world countries around the world-- which I think is pretty cool. I saw an awesome quote on the wall that I really wish I would have written down, but browsing online, it looks like they change the quotes on all of the walls a lot.

^My fancy latte

When we got there, the hostess told us the wait would be about 20 minutes, & we probably waited around 15 minutes max for a table. It wasn't too bad. When we got seated at our table, we were immediately given waters & were asked if we wanted anything else to drink. I ordered a caramel latte & it tasted pretty great! Andrew & I both ordered the same meal except with different things on it. We both got the "Nompton" which included your choice of eggs, bacon or sausage, & two pancakes. 

^Andrew's breakfast

^My breakfast

The service was great, the food was pretty good, & the atmosphere was awesome. It also wasn't too overly priced. I'd give Syrup an "A" on everything. I'd also definitely eat there again. Syrup was a really fun experience & if you're ever in the Norman area, you should try it out! 

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