Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Things You Can Think

Since I'm still new to the blogging world, a lot of you may not know much about me or the thoughts that I have.  I'm a thinker.  I analyze situations & think about every possible outcome that could happen.  I decided to go ahead and make a list of some of the different things I think for you all.

I think...

-Pedicures should happen at least once a month.

-Coffee is an every day kind of thing.

-Netflix is a sort of tornado that sucks people in for hours upon end & is termed "binge watching."

-Dogs are God's gift to those of us who have husbands who are gone often... (Hint hint, wink wink--working on getting that puppy).

-Christmas is the best holiday ever.  Even better than my birthday.

-You can sweet talk someone into anything with a donut & some love.

-A ton of jewelry is unnecessary.  Just give me my wedding ring & a pair of earrings & call it good.

-Flowers are fabulous.

-Chapstick is a must in life.

-There's nothing better than a handwritten note or letter.

-One's love for ice cream grows once you get married.

-Children are basically the coolest people group in the whole world.

-Water animals are the best animals at the zoo.

-Angelina Jolie has the coolest lips of all time.

-Commuting makes one hate driving.

-MacBooks are better than PCs.
-ABC has the come up with the best shows on television.

-Candles make people happy... or me, candles make me happy.

-Sleeping-in can cure anything.

-Doing something for another person out of the pure kindness of your heart is better than almost any other kind of feeling in the world.

-One should have a 7-11 icee at least once a week.

-Making a to-do list & having a planner can solve any kind of forgetfulness.

-Turquoise is the prettiest color around.

-McDonalds has bomb breakfast... I don't even care what people say about it.

-Mondays should be outlawed.

-Taylor Swift is pretty much my gal.

-Give a moody girl some french fries & she'll be a happy girl.

What do you guys think??

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