Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why Hurts?

Donuts are literally one of my favorite types of food. They basically should be in my food pyramid. I appreciate almost every donut shop in the Oklahoma City metro area, but one of my newly found favorites is Hurts Donut Shop in Norman. Now, I wouldn't go to Hurt's for a daily donut run or anything, but for a special occasion or an every-now-&-then kind of thing, it's pretty stinking fantastic.

So you may be asking, "Why Hurts? Why should I go there?". Well my friend, only because they have some of the best donuts in Oklahoma. I've never had a mediocre donut there. It's so fun to see all of the crazy flavors they have. They all look so pretty too. Hurts is definitely more expensive than normal donut shops, but one donut will do it for you (unless you're super hungry). It's a great place to go for dessert!

^Andrew's donut (on left) is called "Bart Simpson" & my donut (the pretty one on the right) is called "Homer Simpson"

Friday night though, Andrew & I went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for dinner & then made our way over to Hurts (which is basically right next door to Fuzzy's). We made a date night out of it since it was our last month-iversary before our first anniversary next month. Andrew's donut was a chocolate cake donut with cream cheese icing & butterfinger on top. Mine was a glazed donut with strawberry icing & sprinkles. They were both extremely delicious. I'd definitely recommend Hurts (& even Fuzzy's.. get their Baja tacos-- they're great).

So, if you're ever in the Norman area, make your way over to campus corner & go to Hurts Donut Shop.. You won't regret it.


*Hurts is located at 746 Asp Ave. Norman, OK.
They're at the corner of Asp & White St. right next door to Chimy's

**Also, Hurts is always open 24 hours.. So if you ever need that late night donut run, holla.

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