Sunday, May 10, 2015

6 Reasons Why Moms Are The Best

Mother's Day is full of a lot of emotions for many people... joy, happiness, sadness, etc.  Mother's Day can be rough for people whose mothers are no longer on this earth or are just simply not around.  It can also be a time to celebrate the life that your mother has lived or is living & what all she has done for you.  Since my mother is pretty great, I thought I'd share 6 reasons why Moms are the best.

1.  Moms love you even through your ugly years.
Throwback to the days with your awkwardly shaped body, braces, & glasses... Mom still loved you through those times you wish you could forget (& wish you could burn every single picture of you looking like that-- don't worry, Mom has all of those pictures still).

2.  Moms brush your sensitive, tangly hair even with you screaming & crying. 
Think back to when your Mom washed your hair & then the torture began with having to have it brushed.  She never gave up on those tangles.

3.  Moms love you enough to save all of those teeth you lost when you were young.
How many of you were rummaging through a drawer one day & found all of those teeth you once lost??  Yeah, I did.  Thanks Mom for strangely keeping those.

4.  Moms call you nonstop to make sure you didn't drive off of a cliff or something.
I know all of those constant phone calls were kind of obnoxious, but at least you had a Mom to care about you.  (Also, don't forget about checking in every hour on the hour.)

5.  Moms love you even when you stay up late crying all night because your friend didn't invite you to that sleepover.
Remember that time when you got left out & you were so upset, but your Mom was there for you?

6.  Moms support you.
No matter what, Mom has always been there for you & supported you throughout every life decision you've made (even if she didn't agree with your choice).  She has loved, prayed, & cared for you even before you were born.

Mom, thanks for being amazing.  Although you deserve more than just a day to be honored & recognized, a big Happy Mother's Day to you (& to all of the pretty, tough Mommas out there in the world).  You all rock.

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