Saturday, May 23, 2015

Greetings from Chicago!

Hello friends & greetings from Chicago! I feel like I've been a little off the grid this week from blogging. I always can blog from my phone, but I really enjoy editing on my computer. As we are currently wrapping up our trip, our hotel unfortunately doesn't have free WiFi (& we're too cheap to pay for that anyways!). I did JUST realize before getting into bed last night, that there's a piece of paper on my nightstand that talks about hotel amenities. One of those includes complimentary WiFi in the lobby. I mean really?! All this time & I never saw that. It's been by my bed since we got here. I just never paid attention. We even went to Burrito Beach the other night to use their free WiFi so I could write my previous post. 

Any who, Chicago is fantastic. If you've never been here, I would highly recommend it. We've done a lot (& we're both pretty worn out... But we're having a blast!). We've done a TON of walking. Driving isn't too much of an option in this city unless you like to be honked at every 5 minutes. On Wednesday we did a lot of walking... 22,600 steps to be exact (according to our iPhones at least). You can say we're definitely getting our exercise in (that's why that donut didn't count last night hehe). As our anniversary trip is coming to a close, I think Andrew & I both realize how blessed we are to be celebrating a year of marriage. Although it's no '50 years' yet, we're working on it & still more in love today than we were on the day we got married. 

Chicago is awesome! Our marriage is even more awesome!

Any more suggestions on food or something you all loved about Chicago?? We'd love to hear your suggestions :)

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