Friday, May 29, 2015

In Chicago, Part II

Last week, Andrew & I were in Chicago (which you can see Part I here) & we had a blast! On one of the days, we were super busy. We decided to do the Chicago's First Lady Architecture tour in the morning & then head over to Millennium Park. That day alone, we walked over 22,000 steps according to my iPhone. It was a really fun day, but man, were we ever tired that night!

The Chicago's First Lady Architecture tour was awesome. That was Andrew's favorite part of our trip. I'm not really THAT into architecture, but the views were amazing. Andrew was really interested in the type of buildings & all of that engineering type of stuff. When I got bored with the history though, I just took selfies :).

 ^^Willis Tower (the old Sears Tower) which is the tallest building in ChiTown

^^On the tour, we even got to see Navy Pier again!

^^The new Trump Tower

Once we got done with the tour, we decided to walk over to Millennium Park. If you ever find yourself in Chicago... GO TO MILLENNIUM PARK. It's so cool. It's just a really neat part of the city because there's so much life in it. We of course went to the Bean, or more properly known as the Cloud Gate. We walked around pretty much all of the park & decided to eat in the area which you can read more about in this previous post

^^Can you find us?!

^^This was me telling Andrew that he was annoying telling me what to do when I was taking pictures with MY camera & I didn't bug him when I let him borrow it haha

After lunch, we walked over to Buckingham Fountain. It's ginormous & really pretty. It's also a really cool area because you see the city on one side of you, & then Lake Michigan on the other side.

As we made the journey back to our hotel, we decided to swing by the Chicago Theatre so I could take some pictures. I have always wanted to see it in person. I really wish someone we know would have been there in concert the week we were in Chicago. I guess we'll just have to go back & try next time! :)

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