Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In Chicago!

Andrew & I spent last week in Chicago to celebrate our one year anniversary.  We absolutely loved the city! I had so much fun living that "big city life" for a week. I don't think I could do it all the time, so a week was probably plenty. Chicago has so much to do & offer. I would recommend it to anyone. 

The first day we got to Chicago, it was absolutely beautiful outside. We headed straight to the beach because the next few days were supposed to be cold.

 This was my favorite part of Chicago--seeing the beach at Lake Michigan!

Andrew developed a habit of stealing my camera on our trip...

 So pretty!

We did A LOT in ChiTown. So much that I will definitely have to split this into multiple posts. We decided to drive instead of fly (I really don't like flying). Parking is expensive, so if you drive to Chicago, don't settle for the parking price your hotel has to offer. We found a cheaper lot a couple blocks away. We stayed at the Warwick Allerton Hotel right off of Magnificent Mile. It was a great location... But if we got the choice to do it again, we both decided we would have chosen a few blocks further south (right around Ohio Street & Michigan Avenue). But the Warwick was definitely a great hotel & we'd stay there again.

I love that the river flows right through the city!

We braved the cold one day & decided to walk to Navy Pier. It was absolutely freezing, but the good thing was, it wasn't busy! We decided to ride the Ferris Wheel (hoping it would block some of the wind-- it did thank goodness!).

I LOVE the colors from this shot.

Chicago is so full of life! Check back for more posts about our anniversary trip! Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! :)

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