Saturday, May 9, 2015

So... I Graduated College Yesterday.

So, yesterday was one of the coolest days ever... I graduated college.  Yes, I, Sarah Cunningham, officially have my Bachelor of Sciences in Family Life Education- Child Development... YAY!  The excitement is quite overwhelming, I can't even begin to fathom it.  Since yesterday was such a big day, I decided to share all the pics I collected on this blog post.  Hope you all enjoy!

Our morning started off eating breakfast at Sunny Side Up in Moore.  I really like their breakfast & it's very reasonably priced (especially compared to places like IHOP).

I had to run some errands up in Edmond before the ceremony began... One of those included going in to my building for the last time as a student & getting my final grade.  While I was in the HES building, I ran to the restroom & took my one & only school-bathroom selfie in the mirror.  Holla.

Also snagged a pic of me in front of the HES sign.

This girl has been a HUGE blessing to me over the past 2 years at UCO.  I don't know what I would've done without her.  So glad I got to graduate with her!

Danielle, Lauren & I... Reliving the NAEYC trip.

One of my biggest supporters who listened to me complain & encouraged me all throughout college.

Our department, Family Life Education.  We are in the 125th year of being an institution & the biggest graduating class so far.  So thankful for the professors & people in this picture!

Selfie with my sweetie.

Here we go!

My view of the stage (lovely, I know).

About to walk! Thanks, Emilee, for the picture!

Oh ya know, just shakin' President Betz's hand.

After we got back to our seats!

All graduated & whatnot. No big deal.

This girl though... Came to my graduation right after clinicals (& after being up at the crack of dawn) & then managed to come to my party even with all of the crazy weather & flooding.  Love you, Em!

In Andrew's family, three of his cousins are also graduating, & since OU's commencement ceremony got cancelled last night, they got to come & we got a pic of all of us decked out!

On the left, my cake that David & Sandy got me. On the right, the flowers that my grandma arranged for me.

My sweet, little Kay-Bear!

I'm so glad all of my friends got to come to my party... I love these people!  Thank you all for pushing through the storm.


This man is amazing! I love him so much!

Mom wanted a pic with Emilee!

My sweet momma who planned my party & has supported me throughout my entire life.  Love you, Mom!

I mean, really, how true is this? :)


Opened my presents when I got home & received a fancy camera!  Thanks Mom, David, & Sandy!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me throughout my life & encouraged me to live out my dreams.  I'm also so thankful for everyone who pushed through the storms last night to come celebrate with me.  You all mean so much to me!  Can't believe I'm a college graduate now!

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