Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday & Andrew's Birthday Eve

Throwback Thursday has always been one of the funnest days on social media.  It's a day to look back at all of the pictures you & your friends once forgot about.  In honor of Throwback Thursday & TOMORROW being Andrew's birthday, I thought I'd share some fun pics of us from years & days past.

The pre-dating days :)

Our first date!


Who doesn't love a couple of Ninja Turtles?!

The night we got engaged!

My sweet, pretty engagement pictures

After we got hitched & took off on our honeymoon!

One of my favorite pics of us

& finally, a couple of pics of us from this year!

I love you, Andrew! Happy Birthday Eve & Happy (almost) Anniversary this weekend!

Do you guys love Throwback Thursday as much as I do?!

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