Sunday, June 28, 2015

Feelin' Twenty-Two

It's my birthday today! I'm 22 years old now (going to be singing Taylor Swift's "22" song all day long). 

Here's 22 things that give me a reason to be thankful on my 22nd birthday!

1. My Savior, Jesus Christ, paying for my sins & loving me unconditionally.

2. My sweet husband who loves me as Christ loves the church & gave Himself up for it. 

3. My cute little new puppy, Murphy.

4. My awesome family-- especially my Mom who does so much for our family.

5. My great friends who always find a way to make me laugh.

6. Still being able to live in a free country.

7. For food, that I so easily take for granted.

8. For COFFEE! Because we know I'd be grumpy without it.

9. My cool job at the pool store-- because "we sell fun!"

10. My lovely car, Rose, who gets me around.

11. My Netflix account, because nothing else could pull me in like it does.

12. For candles, which make me happy.

13. For air conditioning in the hot summer.

14. For 7-11 icees, which also keep me cool in the summer. 

15. For Chickfila, because it's

16. For a roof over my head.

17. For Pedicures.

18. For my 18th year-- the year I started dating my husband, Andrew.

19. For my church family, who has been there for me through all my ups & downs.

20. For ice cream, because let's be real, there's nothing much better.

21. For this past year & all the new adventures it brought me.

22. And finally, for my 22nd year & all the things it will bring me.

^^My birthday dinner date last night with my husband :)

I'm feelin' 22, yall.

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