Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy National Donut Day!

Happy Friday & (more importantly), Happy National Donut Day, everyone! Who knew "Donut Day" is a national holiday?! I absolutely love donuts. They're like God's gift to people who are eager to go on a sugar high.

If you don't like donuts, you must be ill. Donuts give love & happiness to any able person who is willing to eat them. As you may have already gathered, this post is all about donuts since it is Donut Day.

My favorite donut shop in Oklahoma is a little one that is seriously just labeled "Donuts." But I'm also a pretty big fan of "Daylight Donuts" & "Hurts Donuts" which are both based in Oklahoma as well. As far as national donut attention is concerned, Krispy Kreme & Dunkin' Donuts are good, but not my favorite. 

Now, when we're talking donut flavors... I am not a big fan of cake donuts. I also do not like any donuts with those nasty "jelly fillings" in them. Give me a glazed or glazed with chocolate icing donut, & I'd be a happy girl. I also enjoy strawberry icing on donuts. AND I do love sprinkles. When sprinkles are on a donut, it's like a celebration every time you take a bite. When in doubt, choose sprinkles. 

In reference to donut holes. They're pretty much the best. Why do they taste so much better than regular donuts? Does anyone actually know??? You can just pop a donut hole in your mouth & it's like "Hallelujah, I got my donut fix in for the minute!". Donut holes are basically the best. 

Clearly, I could go on forever about donuts & why I love them so much. But, what's your favorite kind of donut? Do you prefer donuts or donut holes??

And one last BIG "HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY" to you all! Hope you're celebrating like I am! :)

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