Monday, July 27, 2015

New & Cheap Date Ideas!

Andrew & I love spending time together. A lot of the time though, we typically do the same few things for a date. As I'm working on being a little more creative (especially in the blogging world), I was trying to think of some new date ideas for us.

We all know of the "typical" date ideas that people have.. Go on a walk, have a picnic, etc. But lately, I've been thinking of a few "new" date ideas that Andrew & I haven't really done (some of these we have done, but haven't done in a long time OR we should do more often). Most of these ideas are also fairly cheap too!

-Go to the farmers market

-Drive around, find places you've never been before & explore 

-Go to a festival of some sort (example: Watermelon Festival)

-Go to the lake or beach (depending on where you live) for the day

-Build a fort in your living room, stay up really late & eat ice cream

-Go to a drive-in movie

-Break out the VCR player & watch an old movie from your childhood

-Drive on a historical route (example: Route 66 for you Oklahoma folks)

-Find a couple who has been married longer than you & go on a double date

-Go to Barnes & Noble or the library & read together

-Search for free yoga or zumba videos on YouTube or the Internet & do a work out together

-Play "I've Never"

-Give each other a foot massage & make dinner together

-Find a county fair in a different county than yours

-Put a bunch of different restaurants' names in a hat & pick one randomly

-Make a list of things you love about each other

-Watch a Christmas movie together even if it's not Christmas

-Drive around & look for your "perfect" dream home

-Find a recipe on Pinterest & make it together (& eat it even if it tastes awful)

-Take a one-time class together (example: cooking, painting, pottery, etc.)

-Go on YouTube & watch hilarious videos all night

-Play "Name That Tune" or "Name That Movie Quote"

-Hand wash your car together

-Go on a late night donut run

-Have breakfast in bed

-Write down what your 1, 5 or 10 year goals are

-Go to the airport & watch airplanes fly in & out

-Find an open field that's not close to a bunch of city lights, grab a towel or a blanket, & look at the stars together

Happy Monday, y'all!  Hope you all enjoy some of my date ideas! Do you have anymore to add or have you done any of these?

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