Friday, July 24, 2015

When a Dog-Momma's Baby Gets Hurt...

Yesterday, I did a total "mom thing." Murphy was playing with my dog-nephew, Emmitt, & apparently Emmitt accidentally jumped & hit Murphy's back right leg. I heard Murphy yelp & I immediately went to see what was wrong. He even threw up after it happened. I think it honestly just scared Murphy more than anything, but we were both totally freaked out. 

I called Andrew in a panic after it happened & was probably scaring him more than anything. I didn't know whether I should take him to the animal hospital or not. My dog-momma self was a complete nervous wreck. I told Andrew, "If this is how I am with a puppy, I can't imagine what I'll be like with a human." 

We decided to wait it out & watch him to see if he improved. We fed him & kept an eye on him to see if he would throw up again after he ate. If he did, I was immediately going to take him to the animal hospital (since it was after vet hours). He ended up keeping his food down & began to act like himself again.

Andrew & I were fixing dinner last night as he was laying on the rug in the living room. Every few minutes, I would tell Andrew to go check on him. Immediately after we ate, I "let" Andrew clean up as I went & sat by him to "nurse him back to health." I even had dreams last night about his leg & was basically worried sick.

Today, Murphy is okay. I can tell it's still kind of bothering him, but for the most part, he's doing great. He's using his leg more & biting me like normal. I'm so glad my sweet puppy is okay. I can't imagine what I'll be like one day with a human baby if I'm this bad with a puppy. I felt like a true mom, yesterday.

Any of you dog-mommas or dog-daddys out there ever been where I was yesterday? How did you handle it?

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