Monday, August 17, 2015

15 Reasons I'm Overjoyed That I Don't Have To Go Back To School

This is the first time in my life I don't have a "first day of school." I'm done with school forever (hopefully--unless I randomly get bored & change my mind one day). As you may remember, I graduated college in May with my Bachelors degree in Family Life Education- Child Development. Although I never really enjoyed school, I might KIND OF miss the learning aspect of it. Don't worry though, one day I'll go to a conference or something to make up for that. Since today is the first day of school for my alma mater, here's some reasons why I'm overjoyed that I DON'T have to go back to school. 

1. No more commuting 30 miles to & from. 
*stuck in traffic for an extra 30 minutes*

2. No more boring lectures where I have to keep myself from falling asleep by doodling. 
"Self, how many times can I write my name?"

3. No more paying for unnecessary "fees."
"That'll be $1,500 for breathing our air."

4. No more "service learning" projects.
"You'll have to go visit a facility in your free time. We will NOT take time out of class to do this."

5. No more having night classes that last until 10:15 (& then having to commute home).

6. No more buying textbooks.
"That'll be $1,200 for a 20 page book written by your professor."

7. No more emailing professors who never respond. 

8. No more writing papers.
"Write a 40 page, single spaced paper over what you love about your professor's hair."

9. No more silly poster boards or "busy work."
"Please do a trifold poster board over why the sky is blue."

10. No more fighting enrollment to get into the class you need. 
*having to wake up to enroll at 5:00 A.M. to find out the class you were trying to get into was full*

11. No more tuition. 
"That'll be $702,584 for taking 12 credit hours."

12. No more icebreakers.
"Introduce yourself to your neighbor & write down 100 facts about yourself & memorize what the other person wrote down."

13. No more group projects. 
*does the whole project by herself*

14. No more presentations. 
*palms sweat, voice cracks, throwing up might actually happen* 

15. No more college... BECAUSE. I'M. FINISHED. FOREVER. 

So pumped I don't have to go back today. Happy Monday, y'all! 

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