Monday, August 10, 2015

8 Signs You've Worked Retail

I've worked in retail since I was 16 years old. Retail is chaotic. It's completely nuts. If you've never worked it, you won't understand this post (just like I've never worked in the food industry, so I don't understand anything about it). 

Working in retail, you constantly have to deal with people. Whether it's fellow employees or trying to help customers. Some days are great, other times, you're ready to head home ASAP. Here's some signs that you've worked retail at some point in your life.

1. You can't go anywhere that is about to close within the next 30 minutes.
If you've worked retail, you don't want to be "that person" that makes an employee stay past closing. We all hate when someone walks in & says, "Lucky me! I made it right before you closed!" All you want to say is, "We've been open all day... You're choosing NOW, right before closing, to "buy" something?"

2. You fold clothing back the right way.
When you decide you don't like those jeans you picked up off the table, you don't just throw them back... You neatly organize them the way they were originally folded (& in size order as well). You also hang items back up after you try them on in the dressing room.

3. Seeing kids run in a store makes you cringe.
How many times have you picked up something after a kid knocks it over? Especially after working in a younger girls' clothing store as my first job, I have done it countless times. When you're at a store, you instantly look for the parent & give them the evil eye that secretly says, "Watch your children!"

4. You pray for employees who work on Black Friday or Tax Free Weekend.
In Oklahoma, this past weekend was tax free. I literally pray for employees who have to deal with crazy shoppers on Tax Free Weekend & on Black Friday. And then after you work Black Friday once, you never have to participate in the shopping "excitement" again. No thanks, I'll stay home in my pajamas on Black Friday (or should I say "Black Thursday" now?).

5. You never return anything unless you absolutely have to.
Ugh. We all know that feeling when someone comes in & says, "I need to return my $500 worth of stuff." Really? Why did you buy it in the first place? Unless something was wrong with it or you got doubles (or even triples) as a wedding present, you refuse to take anything back.

6. You have heard the same joke more than once & have the same exact response every time.
I currently work at a pool store & I can't tell you how many jokes I've heard multiple times. "I found that credit card in the parking lot," or "I just printed that $100 before I came here," or even "You want to come help me clean my pool now?" I think I respond with the same exact few words every time.

7. You have a pretty tough shell, but you can also respond quickly when someone steps on your toes.
After my Dad passed away, I wore his wedding ring as a necklace for a while. I had a customer tell me (soon after he died), "That ring must have been from a fat man!" I was absolutely shocked he said that, but I had a good response for him that made him not say anything else. Sometimes you can't believe what people will say to you when you work retail. You get nasty old men who have nothing better to do than to hit on young girls, so you just learn to say, "Why don't you tell that same thing to my husband & see how he likes it?" Yep, that's retail for ya.

8. Although sometimes you wonder why you work it, it can also be rewarding.
When a customer tells you how thankful they are for your help, it makes the job easier. It's also encouraging when you have regular & loyal customers who know you & always treat you wonderfully.

Have you ever worked retail before? Do you relate to these signs as well? Let me know!

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