Saturday, August 8, 2015

An Evening With Sunflowers!

Last night, Andrew & I decided that we were going to drive around & try to find some pretty sunflowers so I could take some pictures with my new fancy camera (I've been wanting to practice using it more). Although I'm definitely not a professional by any means at all, its amazing what a nice camera can do compared to just an iPhone camera. I played around with the lighting outside & adjusted them some on my computer, but some of the pictures actually turned out pretty decent! I love sunflowers so these pictures are right up my alley... Hope you enjoy :)

^My trusty sidekick

^It's kind of hard to tell, but there's a bee on this one!

Hope you have a great weekend, everyone! What should be our next picture stop?! Any suggestions?

P.S. I also won a $50 shop credit giveaway last night to Sweet T's Design! Check out their adorable shirts on Etsy!

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