Monday, August 3, 2015

Back To School Favorites!

I graduated college in May, but there's something that's still exciting about walking past school supplies at Target. It makes you feel like you have a fresh start on things. Even though I'm not going back to school this coming up semester (HOLLA!), I decided I could still make a list of all my back to school favs!

Favorite Agenda/Planner
Seriously, this agenda is so cute & really fun! They have other patterns & colors as well (but clearly this is my fav).

Favorite Top

Flybird Apparel is one of my favorite brands. They are all about promoting positivity & happiness through their brand. I have this shirt from them & I really like this new one they came out with today!

Favorite Notebook

I LOVE May Designs! You can make everything your own. They have different patterns & designs that you can custom make. You also can choose what you want the inside to be-- plain lines, food planner, agenda, wedding diary, etc. Also, use the code SUMMER30 right now for 30% off your order!

Favorite Hat

I just bought this hat the other day & I'm so excited to break it out this fall! It's not a straw hat, so it will be great for fall & it's super cute on. Plus it's currently BOGO on their website & in stores!

Favorite Coffee Mug

Is there anything truer than this? Coffee is the best thing ever & this mug is awesome.

Favorite Backpack

I have an older version of this backpack & it has lasted me 5 years. It's a great purchase for someone entering college because of it's durability & features!

Favorite Striped Tunic

I have the black background, white stripes version of this tunic & love it. It's so comfy & an easy, casual-cute outfit!

Favorite Pen Set

Who doesn't love fun pens?! These are so cute & will (hopefully) keep you entertained while you're setting through a lecture!

These are a few of my back to school favorites! Hope you enjoy & have a happy Monday! What are some of your back to school favs??

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