Monday, September 28, 2015

Current Distractions

Monday-schmunday. Maybe you're always bright & chipper on Mondays. Or maybe you're like the rest of us who just wish they could stay in bed all day (#holla). For those of you who are like me, if you're reading this blog right now, you may be distracted-- either from work, school or just your typical Monday task. That's fine, because this post is all about my current distractions. Because clearly (since it's Monday & all), I'm all sorts of distracted & I wish I could've stayed in bed & cuddled with Murphy all day.

I'm currently distracted by:

*This necklace. Over the weekend, I gave in & ordered one. I'm so excited to get it in the mail. I typically don't even like jewelry, but the simplicity of this necklace & the fact that two of my favorite bloggers (Helene & Taylor) both have one, make me super excited to receive it. (P.S. There's a 20% off coupon on her Etsy page right now + free shipping on orders over $50! You're welcome.)

*Murphy. I mean duh. He's just so stinkin' adorable. I just want to hug him all the time.

*Wishing for cooler weather so I can wear sweaters & boots.

*This dress. Ugh. I need to stop spending money... But this is so cute. Andrew, please?? :)

*On that note... Andrew. I mean, you're the best husband that any girl could ever possibly ask for. And you love me unconditionally. Even when I ask you to buy me stuff.

*The Blacklist. We started watching this show on Netflix the other day & I'm just so interested in the main characters' lives. Like, who do you trust on the show?

*And Grey's Anatomy. Because, why must Meredith's life be so complicated? I know I'm only in season 8, but still... girl, get it together.

*My current want/love for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream & knowing that I need to look "beach appropriate" in November.

*This story/video. Because who doesn't love dogs that ride on a train?

What are you distracted by today?

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