Friday, September 18, 2015

How I Get Ready For Fall

As you probably already know, we are entering into my favorite time of the year! I'm so excited for fall & you should be too (read this post so you know why you should be ready). Even though in good ole' Oklahoma, it doesn't really feel like fall quite yet, here are some ways I'm getting ready for it!

-Buy some cute new boots. I may have bought these from DSW in two different colors...

-Decorate the house with cute fall pillows... Such as this one from Kirkland's.

-Bring out the warm sweaters. I bought some SUPER cheap sweaters on sale at Gap at the beginning of summer. I'm talking sweaters that were originally $60+ for $8. I'm really excited to wear those. If you need a Gap sweater right now though, this one is my fav (it's also 40% off right now with the code "SAVE" at checkout).

-Burn those fall candles! Yankee Candles are my absolute favorite. They smell so good & last forever. I recently bought this scent & I'm obsessed with it.

-Hang a scarecrow, wreath or pumpkin on your front door. I bought a really cute scarecrow from Burlington Coat Factory for really cheap, but I also think this wreath is adorable.

-Drink up that PSL. I basically love anything pumpkin... But Pumpkin Spice Lattes (& the Salted Caramel Mocha that's featured right now at Starbucks as well) makes me ready for fall.

-One word: Leggings. My rule has always been, if your top covers up your booty, it is completely ok to wear leggings. So, holla!

-Start watching Christmas movies. Okay, this one really doesn't have a whole lot to do with fall, but when it gets colder outside, it makes me even more excited for my favorite holiday, Christmas! :)

How do you get ready for fall??

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