Thursday, September 10, 2015

Murphy Loves Taylor Swift...

As many of you know, Taylor Swift is basically my homegirl. I love her. I love her music. And I love her odd love for cats (even though I'm a dog-person). I've decided that my pup, Murphy, also has a love for T. Swift. I mean, I know he can't really sing, but he does bark along with her tunes. And I'm sure he'd "fanboy" over her just like I would totally "fangirl." Knowing him though, he'd probably get a little too excited to see her that he'd have an accident... Whoops.

I'm so convinced that Murphy loves Taylor Swift, that I put together a nice photo collection of pictures of him singing T. Swift lyrics. Hope you all enjoy.

Like I said, folks. The Murphinator loves T. Swift. But really, who doesn't? And I bet Taylor would return the favor if she knew Murphy too.

Make sure you have Taylor Swift's newest CD, 1989! Buy it right HERE!

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