Monday, October 12, 2015

50 Things You Should Do At Least Once In Your Life

Are the cool kids still saying "YOLO?" I mean, it's true. You do only live once. Except I can't get in with all of these terms... Yolo, bae, etc. That's beside the point though. I think that life is a gift. You should take everyday as a blessing. We aren't promised tomorrow. For that reason, I think there are some things in your life that you should at least do once. Because you don't know what day might be your last. (*I haven't done all of these, but I definitely want to!*)


1. Go whitewater rafting.

2. Take a road trip with someone you love.

3. Get a professional massage (or even a couples massage).

4. Go skiing.

5. Swim with dolphins.

6. Take a trip out of the country.. Maybe even go continent hopping.

7. Eat at a restaurant on one of the top floors of a big skyscraper.

8. Go parasailing.

9. Own your own home.

10. Be an extra in a movie.

11. Experience Christmas in NYC.

12. Run (or walk) in a marathon, 10k, or 5k.

13. Write a note to your future kids or grandkids.

14. Go to an NBA, NFL, or MLB game.

15. "Unplug" for at least a week. No phone, computer, social media, etc.

16. Talk to your parents &/or grandparents about stories or things they've learned in their lives & write it down.

17. T.P. (toilet paper) someone's house... just don't get caught!

18. Go to a hot air balloon festival. 

19. Go a whole week with trying a new food everyday. 

20. Ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy. 

21. Pull an all-nighter with a friend just for the fun of it. 

22. Do something completely out of your comfort zone-- like skydive, ride a scary rollercoaster, etc.

23. Volunteer at a respectable nonprofit organization. 

24. Take a class to learn a new skill-- cooking, photography, foreign language, etc.

25. Drive a stick shift car. 

26. Go to a Broadway musical. 

27. Cook a nice meal for someone you care about. 

28. Try to win something-- a radio contest, giveaway, etc.

29. Send a company a great idea you have. 

30. Get a "fish pedicure."

31. Stand in a long line for something free for a year-- Starbucks, Chickfila, etc.

32. Take a spontaneous weekend getaway. 

33. Canoe down a river. 

34. Fly in a helicopter. 

35. Try out for a TV show-- Amazing Race, Big Brother, Shark Tank, etc.

36. Have a staycation. 

37. Ride a horse. 

38. Read a book that is out of the ordinary.

39. Pay it forward in a drive-thru line. 

40. Send someone flowers.

41. Listen to a podcast of someone you highly respect. 

42. Cook a meal completely from scratch. 

43. Make a painting. 

44. Climb to the top of a mountain. 

45. Visit the house you grew up in. 

46. Sing karoke.

47. Ride in a taxi. 

48. Go to Disney World &/or Disney Land. 

49. Take at least one lesson on how to play an instrument. 

50. Own a pet. 

What else would you add to the list??

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