Thursday, October 1, 2015

Buh-Bye ""

I am SO EXCITED to announce that I officially own the domain name for! My blog is growing & most every blogger that I follow got rid of the ".blogspot" part of their name a long time ago. I think people take your blog more seriously when they know that you personally "invested" in the name. And honestly, the price of doing it isn't bad at all.

I did a little research & basically everyone including my favorite blogger, Helene, use for their domain name purchase. I'm still a newbie blogger, so I stuck to the basics. With GoDaddy's agreement for a 2 year plan, I only paid $18.34 for my domain name. Guys, that's for TWO YEARS. That's less than $10 a year. Of course, I had to commit to keeping my domain name for 2 years, but I'm hopeful that I'll still be in the blogging world by then ;).

I also found this SIMPLE step-by-step guide on how to install your new domain name with Blogger. The instructions are a little old, but if you've messed around with Blogger enough, you should be able to get the general concept on where to go. Or if you can't figure it out, you can always use my trusty friend, Google.

Blogging is starting to become more than just a hobby for me. It's becoming one of my passions. I love growing my blog & I'm so happy that you're following along! If you're new around these parts of the internet, find out more about me right HERE. Introduce yourself to me down in the comments. I love your responses, thoughts, suggestions, etc!

So buh-bye hello!

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