Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shout Out to "Monica"

Clearly as I'm writing this, I'm totally doing the emoji with her hand out saying "haters gonna hate." And I'm also humming "Shake It Off" by T. Swift because who wouldn't be when they're writing a post about someone hating on them.
So last night, I was minding my own business, binge watching Grey's Anatomy with Murphy while Andrew was playing basketball when suddenly, I got a retweet from my tweet I sent out yesterday about my "How I Knew I Was Ready To Get Married At 20" blog post. I thought to myself, "Well holla!" because I got a retweet & all. And then about two minutes later, I got tagged in a "quote tweet" from someone who follows the Twitter account that had just retweeted me. If you don't know what a quote tweet is, it's basically like a retweet but someone can comment on it. Who knew I was already getting haters in the cyberspace world?!

I'm thinking I should be flattered really. I mean, if I have haters, that means my blog is growing. So maybe I'm really #winning?

Any who, this girl quote tweets me-- let's just call this girl Monica. So obviously my tweet was a link to my blog post about getting married at 20. Apparently, Monica thought it was funny that I got married at that age. So Monica said, "Ready at 20?!" with the two little emojis that are crying from laughing so hard.

I gasped as I read it & thought to myself, "How do I block this chick?!"

Well, I accidentally followed her. Whoops. So I quickly unfollowed her (because I can't support someone who is mean). But while I was still trying to figure out how to block her, I realized that her info said that she was a blogger. A FELLOW BLOGGER?! I was in disbelief that a fellow blogger is making fun of another blogger. I mean, how are we going to all succeed unless we help each other out?!

Blogging is so much more than just writing good content. It's about making connections with other bloggers. That's how you gain faithful followers/readers. As I'm slowly but surely starting to make blogging friends, I couldn't believe that Monica would say such a thing (& the topic of my post yesterday wasn't even a political or controversial argument).

So to my haters, aka Monica, if your readers see you making fun of other bloggers, you're not going to gain a good following of people. When you say something like that, you come across as rude, untrustworthy & frankly, stuck up. Monica, be nice to other bloggers if you want to go somewhere in the blogging world.

That's all.

Happy Tuesday, folks!

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