Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Do's & Don'ts of Life

I love giving & receiving advice. Maybe it's because I enjoy learning new things & sharing about the things I've learned. Also, most of us love a classic do & don't list. It's a part of our human nature to want to find out what we should & should not be doing (even if we don't agree or don't want to listen).

I decided to share with you my own list of do's & don'ts in this life. I hope you feel overwhelmed with knowledge after you get done reading this. Don't forget to share this inspiring advice to others as well.


Do: Pay for Netflix.
Don't: Pay for cable.

Do: Drink coffee.
Don't: Drink soda.

Do: Online shop
Don't: Online shop when there's no free shipping or discount code.

Do: Write everything down in an agenda/planner.
Don't: Think you'll be able to remember everything.

Do: Go on a walk.
Don't: Watch other people walk.

Do: Go on a vacation at least once a year.
Don't: Complain about not going on a vacation.

Do: Use coupons.
Don't: Waste your money paying full price for something.

Do: "Save" a document as you go.
Don't: Wait to "save" it until you're all done & then your computer crashes & you've lost everything you just wrote.

Do: Splurge every now & then.
Don't: Splurge every day.

Do: Comment on other people's blogs.
Don't: Be "that person" who thinks people will naturally follow your blog just because you're awesome.

Do: Enter giveaways.
Don't: Enter EVERY giveaway.

Do: Make a to-do list.
Don't: Let yourself forget & be lazy.

Do: Burn a fall scented candle.
Don't: Do it while you're not home.

Do: Paint your nails.
Don't: Let a 5 year old paint them.

Do: Own a dog.
Don't: Not own a dog.

Do: Listen to Taylor Swift
Don't: Be a Taylor Swift hater.

Do: Sign up for Helene's ecourse "Quit Your Job to Blog"
Don't: Miss this great opportunity to make money blogging.

There you have it folks. My do's & don'ts of life. What are yours?

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