Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Problem With This Weather...

I try to roll with the punches in life. I try to be positive. But I'm definitely a realist. I can look at something in front of me & yes, I can try to think positive, but I also can see reality. Currently, this weather has really been giving me a problem. I'm happy that fall is upon us, but I don't think Oklahoma has received the memo yet. Or maybe it has & it's just not quite ready.


Here in the great state of Oklahoma we live in a constantly changing environment. I think the saying goes, "Don't like the weather? Wait until tomorrow." Maybe that's not exactly how it goes, but it's something similar & I think it gets the point across. Oklahoma is basically indecisive all year long. It does what it wants when it wants.

For example, last night, a "cold front" came through. It knocked our Tuesday morning low down to a whopping 48 degrees. When I woke up around 8:00 AM, it was pretty chilly... around 55 degrees or so. Obviously, I got dressed knowing that it was chilly outside. But then I looked at the high for the day.

88 DEGREES?! Are you kidding me?

Between the morning low (48 degrees) & the high (88 degrees) the temperature is supposed to climb 40 degrees throughout the day! How does that even happen??

So what's a girl to do when the temperature climbs that much throughout the day? Do I dress for the morning or the afternoon? Luckily, the pool store stays relatively chilly inside all day. I try to dress for that. But still, when I walk outside to my car after we close, I know that I'll sweat like a MAD WOMAN.

I guess that's just the struggle of living here in Oklahoma. I'm hoping that it starts to make up its mind soon enough. I'm ready for actual fall weather. But then again, typically we skip the whole spring & fall seasons by jumping straight from summer to winter & then back again by May.

Any other states having the same problem we are? How do you dress for this weird weather?

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