Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Search Is Over: The Best Etsy Shops Around + A Blogger's Dream Ecourse (Quit Your Job to Blog)

I love shopping from Etsy. There's just something about supporting homemade & local shops that makes me feel happy. Etsy is also a Pinterest lover's dream. It has all of those things you've seen on Pinterest a million times & thought to yourself, "Hey, I want to make that," but frankly you're just too lazy to try, so you prefer just to buy it on Etsy.

I also love learning from talented & successful bloggers such as Helene. She's got this great new ecourse out titled "Quit Your Job to Blog." Sign up with me & find out more about it down below!


So back to Etsy... I bought my robes for my bridesmaids & myself to get ready in on our wedding day on this Etsy page.

I also won a giveaway for Sweet T's Design Shoppe a while back. And I bought this necklace from the Hey June Shop. I figured I could share some of my favorite shops on Etsy & I'd love to hear yours as well!

A photo posted by Foiled Prints {Ashley Nelson} (@foiledprints) on

Remington Wood Shop 
(reopening soon!)

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Let me know if you have your own Etsy shop, I'd love to check it out! :)

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