Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Story Behind My New Necklace

So recently, some of my favorite bloggers (Helene & Taylor) had a friend start up a new Etsy necklace shop called "Hey June Shop." The necklaces are sold by birth stone for each month. The purpose of this business is to celebrate those special moments in your life... Not just specifically your birth month. I absolutely love that!

Of course, my birthday is in the month of June. I thought about sticking with my birth stone & just ordering that, but I honestly am not that obsessed with my birthday or anything. I wanted a necklace that would symbolize something special in my life. Not just the month I was born, but something I care deeply about.

That is why I bought an emerald necklace for the month of May.


Andrew & I got married on May 17, 2014. It was one of the best days of my life! I could not have pictured a more perfect day. It wasn't just the whole "wedding perfect" thing, it was more about our actual marriage. Clearly our marriage isn't "perfect," but I think it's perfectly imperfect. Andrew is the love of my life & I wanted a way to celebrate that special day. I considered getting a December stone necklace because that's the month we started dating & the month he proposed, but I knew May was the most important month to me. I wanted to celebrate our marriage.

Marriage isn't always easy. It takes work. But it's so worth it. Spending your life with your best friend should be celebrated. Every year shouldn't be taken for granted. It should be remembered & cherished. That's why I bought the May stone. That's why I love to wear it-- to celebrate us as husband & wife.

What's the month you would celebrate?

P.S. On the Hey June Shop right now, she just released her silver line of necklaces & they're currently 20% off through October 13 using the code SILVER20. If you aren't into the silver (I'm a gold kind of girl), you can still get free shipping on orders placed over $50 by using the code FREESHIP! You're welcome :)

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