Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Confessions // A Link Up!

So my new blogging friend Sarah over at Plucky in Love is hosting a link up today! Sarah always does her list of Wednesday confessions (except last week she did it on Thursday-- no worries, girl!). Since she's hosting a link up & I'm all for bloggers connecting & helping other bloggers, I decided to join in on all the fun! :)

-I confess that I want to take a lot of pictures with pumpkins. I know, I know, makes me so basic.

-I confess that I'm super excited to be taking Helene's new ecourse "Quit Your Job to Blog."

-I confess that Andrew & I are counting down the days to our next vacation. Eek!

-I confess that I'm so over this whole kitchen remodel thing. I just want a clean house again.

-I confess that I need to repaint my nails but I'm struggling with the fact that I currently have gray spots all on them from painting our kitchen.

-I confess that I'm ready to get back to volunteering at Infant Crisis Services.

-I confess that I'm super excited that Christmas is quickly approaching.

What are your confessions? Join in on the link up!

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