Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 Things That Are Better Than Participating In Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday-- an American tradition. Remember the good ole days when Black Friday was actually on Friday? Now it's intruding on our annual day of thanks. I'm not against Black Friday. I'm not even against going shopping on Thursday night. But here are 10 things that are better than participating in Black Friday.


1. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. 

2. Running a marathon. 

3. Scratching your nails on a chalkboard. 

4. Participating in a 24 hour dance marathon. 

5. Walking across the United States without shoes on. 

6. Burning your tongue on hot coffee. 

7. Watching Shia LaBoeuf watch his own movies

8. Swimming with sharks. 

9. Walking on the interstate. 

10. Being chosen for The Hunger Games. 

Okay, maybe those are a little dramatic. I'm sure I'll go buy something on Black Friday (or Black Thursday night). But you got to admit, it's a mad house out there huh?

Are you participating in Black Friday? If you are, may the odds be ever in your favor.

1 comment:

  1. I participated in black friday but not on purpose. I work retail and on my lunch break I bought movies. That was my extent of black friday and I'm glad. Nothing is worth the madhouse that black friday brings. Love the list lol


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