Sunday, November 22, 2015

We All Need A Little Vacation

Last week, Andrew & I were in Montego Bay, Jamaica! It was AWESOME & we had a great time relaxing on the beach all day (don't be jealous, guys). But I decided that I was going to take a blog vacation last week as well. I've done really good being consistent since I started blogging back in March, but I figured everyone needs a break every now & then!


Sometimes, the best way for you to not get burned out on doing something is to take a vacation from it-- even if it's something you absolutely love. I love to blog. And let me just say, I missed it last week. But I'm thankful to have taken a vacation from it. 

So yeah, we all need a little vacation every now & then, but don't worry y'all, I'll be back on the grind this week! Keep up with me on social media (links below) to see the latest updates on Cunningham Love Story! And have a Happy Thanksgiving week :)


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