Tuesday, December 22, 2015

4 Years of Dating Bliss

Is it weird that I still enjoy celebrating the day Andrew & I started dating? I mean, I know we're married & all, but I still love celebrating the monumental day when our love story "officially" began. Well, four years ago on this very day, Andrew & I went on our first date. Want to hear the story? Keep reading. If you don't want to hear the story, hey, at least you still gave me a page view ;).

As many of you probably already know, Andrew & I had been "talking" for months before he finally asked me out on an official date. When I first told him I liked him, he was unsure about us since our 5 year age difference (even though he liked me too). He went around & talked to a lot of men in our church who were married to women with just about as much age difference as us or more. He finally got up the courage to tell me he liked me too, but he didn't want to officially date me until I had finished my first semester of college. I guess he was afraid I would drop out or something.. #collegegrad

Nonetheless, he came over to my house all the time, we'd go to dinner & he'd drive me just about everywhere. I told him pretty much everyday that we were dating without the official "dating label." Well, the time rolled around when I was about to finish my first semester of college. I asked him one evening, "Uhh, so are we ever going to start 'dating'?" He had already asked my parents for permission to date me (of course they said yes) & we started planning out when we'd go on our first date.

I was working as a manager at a retail store at the time & was pretty busy, especially right before Christmas. But I was off one Thursday evening, December 22nd, so we planned to go out that night for the first time. Since we had been talking for so long, Andrew had received plenty of suggestions on where to take me for our first date. He ended up making a reservation for us at a place called Michael's where we ate our awkward first "dating" meal together (for some reason I chose pasta to eat so I'm sure that was lovely for him to watch-- hey, I guess he can't use the excuse that he didn't know what he was getting himself into though!).

After our romantic dinner, we stopped by Starbucks to grab me some coffee (he knows the way to my heart) & then we drove around Chesapeake to go look at lights. To end the evening, we went back to my house to open Christmas presents & change our relationship statuses on Facebook-- Oh yeah, we were that cool of a couple.

I love reminiscing on our dating time. It reminds me of why Andrew & I are the way we are & why we fell in love. So even though we're married now & celebrate our marriage anniversary, I still love celebrating the first day Andrew & I started dating :)

Happy 4 years of dating bliss, Andrew!


  1. We still celebrate our dating anniversary, too! Happy 4 years!

  2. Awww. What a sweet dating story :) I guess I can see why he was hesitant of the age difference but I have never really understood what the issue with age was (as long as everyone involved is at least 18 of course). My last ex was actually 10 years younger than me and we had a lot in common as he was quite mature for his age. Well, until I discovered what he was really like lol. But anyway, I think it's sweet that he was so careful and there is nothing wrong with celebrating the day you started dating, even if you are married lol


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