Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Worst & Best Christmas Gifts

Have you ever received a gift you will never forget? I sure have. I've received a ton of gifts throughout my lifetime, but some have been quite memorable. Let's just talk about my worst & best Christmas gifts of all time.

*NOTE: Let it be known that both of these gifts are from my lovely husband, Andrew.*


-Worst: Andrew hasn't always been the best at giving gifts (no offense, babe). I've learned that I really just have to tell him EXACTLY what I want or else he'll go get me something crazy.. Such as this present I'm about to tell you about.

Andrew & I had been dating a year when he was about to move into his house. I casually told him one day, "I really want to buy you something for your new house!" Clearly thinking that I'd go buy him a picture frame or an oven mitt or something.

Well, Andrew took that as a "Oh, that's what she wants for Christmas" hint. So that Christmas, he got me a Home Depot gift card. That's right folks, this city-loving, girly-girl got a Home Depot gift card for Christmas. When I opened it, I asked him, "Why did you give me this??" And he told me, "Well you said you wanted to buy me something for the house!" ....... No, Andrew. You can't buy someone a gift that they're basically supposed to give back to you.

I think he learned his lesson that year. Except when he did give me workout videos for Valentine's Day... That's for another time though. :)

-Best: Ahh... My best Christmas gift would have to be a gift I received two years ago. Andrew proposed to me on December 14, 2013 & it was one of the best days of my entire life. Here's how the story goes.

Andrew was supposed to go out of town to work that weekend, but he mysteriously didn't have to go anymore. He told me he wanted to take me out on a date to celebrate staying in town. Little did I know that he had to scramble around & tell his boss that he had planned to propose to me that weekend & couldn't go out of town.

So we went out to celebrate on that cold December night. Andrew took me to eat at what USED TO BE my favorite restaurant (not anymore since we both got food poisoning from there this past summer.. bleh). He then took me to a Christmas light show. It was one of those that you turn your radio to a certain station & sit in your car to watch the fancy lights play to music.

We had discussed the topic about getting married a bazillion times & I always had a feeling that he would propose on just about any date we went on. That night as we were watching the Christmas lights, I asked him what else we were going to do. He told me, "We can go back to your house & just watch tv or something." I thought to myself, "Welp Sar, looks like you're not getting a ring tonight." My hopes of a proposal that evening were diminished.

After we got finished watching the lights, he started driving back to my house. But we made a short little detour to a park that we had walked around numerous times before. There was a gazebo that we loved to walk to in the park. Andrew pulled up, we got out, & he walked me over to the gazebo. He asked me for a kiss & then turned on Christmas lights that he had hung all around the gazebo. Andrew got down on one knee & asked me to marry him that night. Apparently I said (I don't actually remember this but Andrew tells me I said it), "Yeahhhh. Are you serious?!" when he asked me to marry him. Let's just say it was definitely a long time coming & I couldn't believe it was actually happening.

I love my engagement ring & wedding ring, but my favorite part of my Christmas gift that year was the fact that Andrew asked me to marry him. We were going to spend our lives together & I couldn't have been more excited! AND, I'm still loving it ;)

What's your best or worst Christmas gift you've ever received?


  1. That is quite a romantic story. Hope Andrew knows everything by now so that you won't be totally down when he brings you a next gift. I believe there is no charm if one receives a gift that is quite expected one. But it shall differ from person to person.
    Anyway, enjoy your Christmas. Regards to Andrew too..

    Sherab Tenzin
    Thimphu, Bhutan

  2. Haha! He's lucky you kept him around after the home depot card gift!


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