Monday, January 25, 2016

When You Lose A Grandparent

Loss has been a big part of my life the past few years. I've learned how to grieve & move on even though things are never quite the same. But when it happens to you again, a sense of familiarity returns. All the feelings you felt long ago come back. The pain that once ached inside of you, you remember it all too well.

Yesterday evening, it happened again to me.


My grandma (my dad's mom) has been doing really bad the past few weeks. We actually went & visited her last month which I'm so incredibly thankful for. Unfortunately though, last night we got "the call" that she passed away. 

Losing someone is always different though, as a Christian. I'm so sad that she has left this earth, but I'm so thankful that she's not in pain anymore. She's rejoicing & praising God in heaven. She has seen God face to face. By now, she has probably even seen my dad & my grandpa (her husband) again. I can't imagine what the reunion was like up there last night.

The older I get, the more I long for my eternal home. Of course, to see the people who have gone on before me, but I can't wait to see my Lord & Savior, face to face. Having that sense of peace is so comforting to me, especially right now.

Losing a grandparent is hard. Regardless of the fact that I know where she is right now, I'm still saddened by the fact of her no longer being here on this earth. After I found out the news that she passed away, I immediately thought about her (& even my dad). I thought about my last conversation with her. I thought about how she told me she missed my dad. I thought about how she told me she was proud of me. I thought about how she told me about the time she first saw me after I was born.

I'm so thankful for my Grandma Long. She has been such a blessing to my life & our family. I'm so happy that she is in heaven right now, & I long for the day that I see her again.


Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is no joke, y'all. I'm reminded of God's constant, overwhelming grace on my life as I relive grief once again. If you don't have that peace, please feel free to ask me about it.

Tell the people around you how much you love them. Hug them tight. And thank God for them every single day.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

How I Know I Couldn't Be A Celebrity

I'm a deep person. I like to think about things. The best time for me to think is usually when I'm getting ready. Well, I was getting ready the other morning, pondering things about life & such, when all of a sudden I came to this realization...

"Oh my gosh, being a celebrity would be absolutely horrible."


No offense to you famous people, but I think it would be awful. When I was pondering that thought, I realized that I would have to dress up EVERY TIME I stepped out of the house.


You mean, I couldn't wear no makeup, yoga pants & an oversized t-shirt? Apparently some celebs can pull it off & have the media be like, "Did you see how cute she looked on her way to go workout?!" Such as this..

Me on the other hand, I'd look like this compared to other famous people...
(Image found here)

Another thought, I couldn't even wear the same outfit more than once. When I love an article of clothing, I love the cotton right out of it (or whatever fabric it was made out of). Of course I'm a clean gal, but if something is washed & I wore it a few days ago & I'm not going to see the same people I wore it with the other day, well hotdog, I'm wearin' it again!

Here I am again as a celeb. Getting caught wearing the same outfit multiple times...

(Image found here)

I'd also probably have one of the cheapest stylists because I think spending money for name brand stuff is dumb. Let's just say, I'd be a regular topic on Fashion Police...

A photo posted by Fashion Police (@fashionpolice) on

On that same note, I'd probably even have memes made up of me because my stylist would always try to be overzealous when it comes to red carpet events...

 (Image found here)

Not that I'd really mind.. Because I'm a person & I think memes are funny.

I'd also have to always be ready to be photographed. And let's face it, sometimes we're all not ready to have that happen...

(Image found here)

So basically I couldn't be a celebrity. Not that I would want to anyways. I love the life I live. Maybe one day I'll be a famous blogger, but don't count on me trying out for the next Star Wars or anything. For now, I'll continue to wear no makeup & an oversized, 10-year-old t-shirt. I'm totally okay with that.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Problem With Growing Up

I remember when I was a kid, I dreamed about growing up. I dreamt about getting my driver's license, graduating high school & then college, getting married, having babies, & working my dream job. Many of you all probably had similar dreams as a kid.

And then we hit adulthood.


It seems like the older I get, the faster life goes. Sometimes it feels like a rollercoaster & other times it feels like a nice carousel ride. Either way though, it just keeps on going, even if you're ready to get off.

You see, the problem with growing up is that life happens. You unfortunately begin to lose people-- friends, family, acquaintances... Whether that loss is by someone moving on in life or out of this life. Loss seems to be connected with growing up.

As a kid, I always thought it was so odd for my grandparents to read the obituary section in the paper every day. Fact is, you never know who you might see in there. When you're a kid, you don't see loss like you do when you're older. Of course, some kids know loss all too well. But the majority of us don't really see it until we're older.

My grandpa passed away when I was 10 years old. It was my first real experience with death. And then the closest one to my heart since then was the passing of my dad almost four years ago. Now I'm here, "grown up" & whatnot & I feel as if I notice loss more than I ever did before.

Losing someone does things to people. It puts life into perspective. Especially with the passing of my dad, it made me realize that life is short. No one knows when they'll take their last breath. And the older I get, the more I recognize the fact that I'm not promised tomorrow & no one around me is either.

One of the best memories I have of my dad is the night before he passed away. I wasn't feeling well & went to bed early. I was lying in bed when I realized I needed to go to the restroom. After I went back to my room, my door opened & my dad asked me if I was okay. I told him I was & he came in & gave me one last kiss & told me he loved me-- & I told him I loved him back.

So I'm here today not to discourage you or bum you out. I'm here to encourage you. I'm here to tell you to love the people around you. Hug them. Kiss them. Tell them how much they mean to you. You never know what you truly mean to someone. A simple word of encouragement could be enough to get someone through their day. Life flies by. Don't regret not telling someone how much they mean to you.

Live today like it's your last.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How To Make The Most Of Your Winter

Winter & I have mixed feelings about each other. I love snow-- always have, always will. I even love the cold-- bundling up, warm drinks, & the like. But sometimes you just get those winter blues. A lot of time during winter, the sun isn't out much & you don't get a whole lot of fresh air. So since we're definitely still in the winter months (I feel like in Oklahoma, winter hasn't even really started yet), I thought I'd share with you all how to make the most of your winter.


Buy a new article of clothing that makes you happy. 
It doesn't even have to be expensive. I just bought this beanie the other day & I'm supposed to get it in the mail today! I'm convinced that just wearing something that you love & you feel great in makes you feel better.

Drink hot chocolate, coffee, or hot tea. 
I'm not a tea person, but I know that drinking coffee & hot chocolate just makes me feel all warm on the inside. So I'm sure if you do like hot tea, it will make you feel the same way.

Play in the snow. 
Here in Oklahoma, we don't usually get a whole lot of snow (mainly ice).. But the other morning, we had the prettiest snowfall. Obviously I had to take a picture to remember the moment. I think that making the most of the snow will make you appreciate it a little more.

Do a project. 
It seems like during the winter, I get the most stuff done in our house. The other day, we hung a lot of curtains, did a gallery wall & I've surprisingly kept the house clean. My mom & I are also about to paint a china cabinet for our dining room. Doing little projects keeps you busy & makes you feel accomplished.

Have a movie or Netflix binge-watching night.
Pop some popcorn, cuddle up with your love & turn off all of the lights to make the night feel like you're at the movies but in the comfort of your own home. If you're feeling extra crazy, blow up an air mattress or drag your mattress into the living room & sleep by the fire too.

Use your slow cooker. 
I love my Crockpot. It makes the house smell with a warm aroma & basically does most of the work for you. Slow cookers are also great for when you're busy or have had a long day.

Go on a weekend adventure.
Sometimes you just need a moment to get away. Pick a Saturday to drive to a town in your state & just explore. A lot of towns have activities & events during this time of year that you may have never done before. So go exploring & have some fun with your significant other or BFF.

What are you doing to make the most of your winter?

Friday, January 8, 2016

5 Things I'll NEVER Buy (Maybe)

Ever scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed & see an ad or something that someone bought & think to yourself, "That's probably the silliest thing ever"? I know I have. I mean there are just some things in the world that should NOT be bought unless you're a billionaire. Who really "needs" it anyways?


Nonetheless, here are some things I'll NEVER buy (maybe).

1. Designer handbags worth more than my car
(Image found here)

Or basically any designer handbag not found at T.J. Maxx or any of the like. Unless it's a gift-- then I'll take it.

2. Hunter rain boots
(Image found here)

Since when have rain boots been so cool to wear? I hate wearing rain boots anyways. They just look good in an Instagram pic. I'll stick with my Target ones.

3. Cable TV
(Image found here)

This one was a touchy subject between Andrew & I when we first got married, but now I'll admit that he was right. We don't need cable. No one needs cable. Netflix or Hulu are the way to go. We pay $8 a month for Netflix compared to if we were paying for cable, at LEAST an extra $30 a month (& that's probably just for the first year or a few months).

4. Makeup not found at Target or CVS.
(Image found here)

Why does someone pay $25 for mascara? I'm convinced it's just because it has a fancy brandname label on it. My $6 Maybelline mascara does the job perfectly for me.

5. Expensive sunglasses
(Image found here)

Sure Ray-Ban's look cool, but most likely they'll get broken after a while. I'd much rather buy a ton of cute, $10 sunglasses (& have a variety) that will last me a while until I throw them in my purse one day & they get scratched. I bet I can look just as cute in those sunglasses.

What are some things you'll never buy?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Afternoon Confessions

It's been a while since I linked up with one of my favorite blogging friends, Sarah, over at Plucky in Love. And since the post I was going to share with you all today isn't perfected yet & I'm tired from a long day of volunteering, I thought I could lay all my Wednesday afternoon confessions on y'all.


I confess...

-We saw the movie Joy last night... And it was pretty odd. I've never seen any of David O. Russell's movies with Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper in them (Silver Linings Playbook & American Hustle) because let's face it, they're not really family-friendly films. But since Joy was rated PG-13, Andrew & I decided to go see it with my gift certificate that I had. It's a very strange movie with a lot going on throughout it. But Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenal-- definitely one of my favorite actresses. But if I were you & you wanted to see the movie, wait until it comes out on RedBox. I wouldn't pay that much to go see it again in theaters.

-I've been strangely emotional the past couple days. I almost even cried today when I was volunteering (very unlike me--shocking even).

-I recently finished Grey's Anatomy & Scandal on Netflix. Now I'm only behind on the current season of both. But let me just say, I'm totally depressed that I'm finished with these shows on Netflix. Thank goodness they just put New Girl season 4 on there yesterday or else I wouldn't have known what to do at all. Unfortunately, I'll fly through New Girl since it's only 20ish minute episodes.

-I'm really trying to eat more fruits & vegetables this year. Recently, I've eaten broccoli & bananas. Tomorrow, I'm having asparagus. Look at me go! (This is honestly a big accomplishment for me since I'm in fact, the world's pickiest eater.)

-I'm really not sure what day it actually is still. The holidays threw me off.

-I'm pretty obsessed with my new Fitbit Charge HR because it tracks my sleep. Like who knew I was awake 3 times & restless 18 times last night?! Pretty cool, huh?

There you have it-- my Wednesday afternoon confessions! Link up yours with Sarah @ Plucky in Love, too!

Monday, January 4, 2016

13 Easy Steps To Get Stuff Done in 2016

I love getting stuff done. It makes me feel good about the time I have. There's just something about when you get a task done you want to say, "HECK YEAH, WORLD! I'm not a slacker today!" I mean, who doesn't think that when they accomplish a task?

But sometimes we just have that whole "I want to be a slacker today" mentality (especially on Mondays AND after a holiday break). Since it's a New Year & as a society, we're all about making "better" choices this year, I decided to share with you all my advice on how to get stuff done in 2016.


1. Wake up at a decent hour.

2. Try to get up at the same time every morning.

3. Stretch & move around once you get up-- maybe even exercise if that's on your resolutions/goals list this year (clever huh?!).

4. Eat a good breakfast.

5. Open the windows or blinds to let light in your work environment.

6. Make a (realistic) to-do list of everything you want to accomplish that day.

7. Use a planner or agenda to stay organized on events, appointments or certain tasks you have.

8. Set aside at least 15 minutes out of every hour to make your mind or body rest.

9. Designate a limited amount of time to get on social media during the day.

10. Check things off your list as you accomplish them throughout the day.

11. Eat a healthy snack mid-morning & mid-afternoon to get you through some of the hardest parts of the day.

12. Relax in the evenings. Make sure to spend time with your spouse or loved ones & don't worry about what you didn't accomplish today.

13. Go to bed at a decent hour & try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

That's it! Do you have any good tips on how to get stuff done?

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 {Realistic & Reachable} Goals

Oh hey there, 2016. Nice to meet, ya. 

And a Happy New Year, everyone! It's hard to believe that we are already starting a new year. It seems like yesterday we were starting 2015. But 2016 is here & it's time to think about what you're going to make of this year.

I don't like to make "New Year's Resolutions." When I think of "resolutions," I think of failing after a week. I do, on the other hand, like to make goals. Goals make things seem more reachable.

I believe that writing out your goals will help you accomplish them more. Also, telling someone else makes you have more accountability in reaching that goal. So I thought I'd share mine with you.


Blog goals:
-(At least) Double my followers on my blog & Instagram.
-Get sponsored posts & blog earnings.

Health goals:
-Eat more vegetables & fruits.
-Go on more walks.

Spiritual goals:
-Grow more in my relationship with Jesus Christ.
-Help someone else grow in their relationship with Jesus too.

Personal goals:
-Continue to volunteer.
-Work on house projects.
-Read more.

Goals don't have to be something that is big & elaborate. I think having realistic & reachable goals will set you up for success, not failure. What are YOUR goals in 2016? I'd love to hear them!

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