Friday, March 18, 2016

That One Time I Didn't Blog

So, I suppose I've been on a mini-blogging break recently. I haven't posted since last week. I've been super busy with things & it just seems like "life" hit all at once (nothing bad, just typical life stuff). Today is my first day this week I literally haven't had anything to do. And it's a perfect day for that since a cold front came through & it's rainy outside! ;)

All of that though is really beside the point on why I'm writing this post.


I got on my blog today & just KNEW my page view numbers would be super low since I've been incognito. To my surprise, I'm convinced I had my first "viral" post. It would be this one: How I Knew I Was Ready To Get Married At 20. It's actually the one that sparked this post: Shout Out To "Monica" because it was my first post to get a negative response from.

When I posted it back in October, it was just a post I wanted to write about. Nothing more. Honestly when I post something, I never expect anything "big" to happen from it. I just enjoy writing & blogging. It's really just my favorite hobby. But today when I got online, I never expected to see the page view amounts that I had. I immediately thought, "Something HAS to be wrong with this." But after all my digging, I feel as though Google didn't lie to me. I really did have a post go "viral."

After a year of blogging, I still didn't think I'd have it happen to me this soon. I don't pour thousands of dollars into my blog. I'm not on here every day waiting for someone to comment so I can respond. I'm just a person who enjoys blogging. I even had a post that I started at the beginning of this week that I was going to share with you all today about why I haven't blogged. It was all about BLOGGER BURNOUT-- how I just wasn't motivated to blog recently because I've had other things to do & on my mind. But today, I got a little more motivation back. I realized that what I write is being read-- all throughout the world.

So to you, my fellow blogger, continue writing. Don't stop just because it's hard. Because it is (& part of why I haven't blogged is probably due to some of my laziness). But continue writing because it's what you LOVE. If you're in it strictly for the money, this post won't encourage you like it will for those of us who love to write because that's just what we do. I'm not saying that I'm going to be back on my "3 posts a week game" right off the bat, but I'm not going anywhere, y'all. I love my blogging community.

Thank you so much for your support of Cunningham Love Story. It truly means the world to me. Have you ever had a post go viral? I'd love to hear all about it!


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