Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Truth Is.. I'm Clueless

I have an undergraduate degree in Child Development. I have babysat the majority of my life. I have worked with children since before I can remember. I volunteer at a place that works directly with children under 4 years old. And yet, I'm clueless.


I'd be lying if I said I'm totally prepared for the journey ahead.

I've read all of the books. I know how to interact with my child. I know how important reading to my child is. And I know all about "safe sleep." But yet again, I'm clueless.

I'm clueless in the fact that I don't know how to birth a child. I don't know what it's like to feel my baby move yet. I don't know how to nurse. I don't know what a contraction is like. I'm terrified of labor. I don't know how to pump. I don't know how to bathe my child. Like I said, I'm totally clueless.

I'm not worried I'll be a bad mom. I'm not worried that I'll mess my kid up. I'm not even worried that I'll make a bad decision.

But everything is just so unknown.

I know a lot of women who are pregnant "hate" when other women give them advice. And maybe I'll get there one day. But right now, I want to be informed. I want to know all of the motherly secrets out there. I want women to tell me how labor was for them. I want women to tell me what it feels like to have your baby move inside of you. I want women to give me nursing tips. I mean, someone please tell me, DO THOSE BODY PILLOWS WORK??

Clearly Andrew & I will make personal decisions on pregnancy, birth, parenting, medical care, etc. for our baby. But I'm all about hearing informative & helpful advice from all of you mommas out there (especially if you've done this thing within the last decade!). So comment, email or if we're close, text me. I'd love to hear anything you have to say.

Seriously. Advice is welcomed. (Pinterest has currently been my advice-BFF lately.) Thank you.


  1. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air Sarah. I didn't have much advice when I had my children either. I lived and breathed books and "Lifetime" television. ;) If I can help in anyway, let me know!

    Best of luck to you on your new journey.

    Diane Lynn


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