Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Things I Want To Remember: The 1st Trimester

I can't believe it, but the first trimester has already come & gone. Many people are shocked when I tell them how far along I am.. "How could you keep it a secret that long?!" Let me tell you, it was hard. But I know it was so worth it to make sure this little human inside of me was healthy & safe before we told the whole world.

I've not done a very good job "documenting" this pregnancy. Since it has been a secret for so long, I've simply forgotten to do things because I was trying to keep it on the down low. But I'm going to try to be better to write things down (or blog) & *hopefully* try to remember to take more pictures of my growing belly-- which is something I don't really want to share with everyone (at least not a weekly pic!), but mainly for myself to have. I also want to have things written to show my sweet child someday. Maybe they will think I'm pretty cool for that, or at least maybe they'll think that until they're a teenager & I'm no longer the cool mom. So with that being said, here is my first list of things I want to remember.

Things I Want To Remember: The 1st Trimester

The First Trimester:

-February 8 was one of my favorite days so far. It's the day I found out about my sweet baby.

-Two weeks after that was when I experienced my first wave of nausea.. Which I didn't know how to cope with or control at the time. With a little help from Google & my handy-dandy pregnancy book, I discovered saltine crackers. Eating those & then staying in bed an extra thirty minutes after I ate them helped tremendously.

-We had a little scare which made me realize how much I already love this baby. As I was experiencing some things that were unknown, God gave me an overwhelming peace & a quick realization that this was my first "motherly" experience, worrying about the safety & health of my child.

-March 1, aka Super Tuesday, was the day Andrew & I got to see Baby C for the first time. Of course, he or she looked like a little frog at the time, but soon enough we'll get to see they're precious little face.

-April 6 was the day we got to hear Baby C's heartbeat for the first time. Literally, a breathtaking moment I'll never forget.

Guys, I'm already so in love with this tiny human. I'm so excited to meet him or her.

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