Thursday, May 26, 2016

Baby Bump: 19 Weeks


Here we go! A 19 week (almost 20!) update for you! I seriously can't believe I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy. I'm so excited to meet our sweet baby girl in October!

Baby: About the size of a tomato (6 inches, .5 lbs.)

How I feel: I still feel pretty good other than random backaches, usually caused by if I stand for too long. I'm so thankful that this pregnancy has been good so far. I know for a lot of women, pregnancy can be super rough. I feel very blessed to have felt well pretty much this whole time.

Food: Mmm.. Mexican food :). More specifically, chips, salsa & queso. That's basically all I want these days. Clearly other food sounds good too, but I've been on a big salsa kick lately. This baby is going to come out half Hispanic probably because of the amount of Mexican food I've had!

Clothing: Still no maternity clothes yet, but I should maybe think about it soon in the pants department. All my shirts are pretty flowy, so they still fit & dresses are my BFF. My bump is just now starting to become fairly obvious, at least to those who know I'm pregnant.

Sleep: What is a good night's sleep?? I don't remember ha! It's really not terrible though (yet). I toss & turn & have bad leg cramps. Of course, I have to get up to go to the restroom throughout the night too. So basically, I'm considering buying one of those fancy pregnancy pillows to see if that helps me get comfy faster.

Best moment of the week: Well obviously, we found out we're having a GIRL last Friday :). So that was pretty great, but I can't get over feeling her move. It is literally the coolest part of pregnancy so far. She's definitely pretty active! We're starting to get to the point where if I lean my stomach on something for too long or push on my belly, she wiggles & pushes back. Not going to lie, I've done it on purpose a few times just so I can feel her move. Maybe that makes me a bad mom but oh well haha. She probably kicks back at me to say, "Mom stop it. Leave me alone." I also came across this super cool pregnancy calculator this past week called It tells you exactly what's happening with your baby week by week, what's going on with your body & even things to keep in mind for planning ahead for baby! I wish I would've seen this site sooner because when you put in the date of your last menstrual cycle, it calculates your due date & even tells you approximately when you'll be able to hear your baby's heartbeat & when you might feel your baby move for the first time.. Like it gives you specific dates! It is definitely something to check out if your pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to: I'm looking forward to starting decorating her nursery! I can't wait for Andrew to put her crib up & a couple other things we already have for her. She's been getting a lot of presents from our friends and family so I'm also excited to start putting those in her nursery!

Andrew & I have both felt so loved lately by our friends & family. I can't say it enough, but my mom has been a huge help to me. She's going to be an awesome grandma (Anyone have a cool name for her?!? She's pretty hip). Andrew also keeps me in line, making sure I don't over do anything. He also went & got me donuts the other morning when I told him I had a dream about them & they sounded good. That's true love right there. Happy wife = happy life. 


  1. You are soooo cute and teeny!!! Yay for a girl!! Feeling baby move really is so dang cool. Just wait for her to get bigger, the movements get stronger of course and it's seriously the best part of pregnancy ever. I just use a firm body pillow for my "pregnancy" pillow and it has been perfect so far! I sleep like a baby (ha) besides getting up to pee every few hours haha

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