Thursday, June 9, 2016

Baby Bump: 21 Weeks


So there's a few new updates in baby world this week! I went to the doctor on Monday & she has officially changed my due date to October 14 (no longer October 16). When I had my first ultrasound done at 7 weeks, the ultrasound tech measured baby girl to be due on October 16 which was the most accurate (clearly) at the time. Last time I had an ultrasound though, they measured her due on October 14 (which matches with the calendar calculation) so in conclusion, my doctor (the boss lady) said my due date is now October 14! So technically I will be 22 weeks tomorrow instead of Sunday now.

*I know you all were super eager to hear about the exciting change of events haha*

So let's get down to business...

Baby: About the size of a banana (7 inches, 11 ounces)

How I feel: I'm feeling pretty good still! Headaches seem to be something that are happening a little more than normal, but I'm sure the change in weather isn't helping the cause. I feel like my belly is getting bigger everyday now & it's one of those things that I'm having to learn to be okay with (mainly the weight gain part). After Andrew & I got married 2 years ago, I lost weight when most people gain it. I have consistently been around the same weight the majority of early high school through college, but I was definitely at my thinnest after we got married. So going from "at my thinnest" weight to gaining weight pretty constantly is kind of weird. Especially because society tells us women that we "should be" a certain size. It's silly for me to have these thoughts because I know my sweet baby girl is growing & she's healthy. But for me, it's been one of the hardest parts of pregnancy mentally. I'm working on it though!

Food: Speaking of weight (haha), I just really love to eat! Mexican food still sounds great all of the time, but I've been on a big string cheese & 7-11 Icee kick lately. Like, pretty much everyday. It didn't help when the big Icees were on sale for $.89! Now I'm stuck paying $1.08 if I want that size.. It's a rough life ha.

Clothing: Monumental moment on Tuesday... I made my first maternity clothes purchase! It was definitely time. I have one pair of shorts that still button (barely), so I'm wearing those as long as possible. But I tried on a black pair I wore from last year & couldn't even come close to buttoning them. I have been doing the "hair-tie trick" to help me drag on wearing all my pre-pregnancy bottoms, but in some of my shorts/pants it's getting to the point where I can't do that trick much longer. So I did it. I bought a few pairs of shorts to get me through the summer hopefully. I didn't buy any jeans yet because I'm hoping to not wear them much at all this summer because it's already stinking hot in Oklahoma & this pregnant girl needs to wear lightweight clothing such as shorts, tank tops & dresses as much as possible. 

Sleep: Andrew & I were at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple of weekends ago & found this Boomerang pillow which looks similar to one of the pregnancy pillows you can spend $50+ for. Since I had my handy-dandy coupon, Andrew told me I should try this pillow from BB&B because it was only $19.99 before the coupon! So far, it really has made a world of difference. I'm still tossing & turning quite a bit of the night, but I don't wake up with near as many backaches or leg cramps like I did. So if you're pregnant & debating on whether to splurge & get the high dollar pillows, I suggest you try the Boomerang one first. I sleep with it between my legs & on my stomach since I'm sleeping on my side now.

Best moment of the week: Our little girl is such a mover! It's still the coolest part of pregnancy, but now Andrew has felt her move a few times as well. It's so cool for him to feel her move & see his face light up when it happens!

What I'm looking forward to: The nursery is coming together, but I'm super excited for it all to be set up the way we want it. My mom & I painted Baby C's changing table last week so it's still sitting in the middle of her room. Hopefully Andrew & I will move it to where we want it this weekend! I'm also excited to register for her soon. We're not really sure when we should technically start registering, but we're thinking probably the end of this month we'll start working on it! It'll all be here before we know it :)

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