Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Things I Want To Remember: The 2nd Trimester

As the third trimester is quickly approaching (this Friday!), I wanted to reflect on all of the things I want to remember about my second trimester with our sweet baby girl. I can't believe that here in about 12 weeks (give or take) we will be holding her in our arms, wondering what to do & how to make her happy haha.


-I felt our baby girl move for the first time on Andrew's birthday (May 15). He felt her move a few weeks after. Now we both feel her & see her kick all of the time. Basically she thinks her mom is a punching bag. But I'm okay with it. I'm pretty confident I'll miss these punches & kicks one day.

-We found out we're having a girl on May 20!

-We painted her room, set up her crib & a few other furniture items.

-We registered for her at Babies R Us & Target.

-We officially decided on her name! :)

-We took our first parenting class & signed up for all of the rest we're going to take in the next couple of months.

-We got our Tdap shots (Woot woot!.. Or should I say whoop whoop?! Too much?).

-We started getting Murphy prepared for his new sister by enrolling him in dog training. He had his first lesson the other day & isn't doing too bad!

-I passed my glucose test with flying colors! Everyone said, "Don't get the orange & make sure it's cold." Well, I got the orange & it was room temperature. I survived. And it really wasn't bad at all. My guess is people are just dramatic.

-I am doing a Bible study with some lovely mommas & soon-to-be mommas via the internet. The internet can be terrible, but it can also be encouraging when a group of women are studying the Word of God together all over the country. We're going through the book Missional Motherhood. Check it out if you're a mom.

-They say that the second trimester is like the "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy. Well honestly, my pregnancy has really been easy for me (thank you, Lord!) but around the last half of this trimester, I started feeling a little more "pregnant." Things aren't as easy as they once were. My back aches most of the time. I could take a 3 hour nap every day. And my belly feels huge. But at the same time, I really do think I've been blessed with having a fairly "easy" pregnancy & I wouldn't trade it for the world.

-I didn't gain any weight at all during the first trimester. This trimester I've gained a lot. And I mean a lot. People keep telling me "you don't even really look like you've gained weight" or "it's all in your belly" & "you'll lose it all once you have her." All of those things might be true, but my weight has definitely been the thing I've been most concerned about this pregnancy. I don't know why. It just bothers me a lot. (I blame it on the hormones!) And clearly I know that I have to gain a certain amount of weight for my baby to be healthy, but it's still hard to watch the numbers on the scale go up. Especially since I've never gained this much weight before. My doctor made me feel better the other day about it though. (Praise the Lord for good doctors!) I'm just praying that the whole weight thing won't steal my joy!

These are the things I want to remember about the second trimester. Some of them are exciting & others are somewhat personal. But I'm so excited to finally hold our baby in my arms here in a couple of months!

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