Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Baby Bump: 30 Weeks

So long "20s!" We're in the "30s" now! I seriously can't believe it. We've had some exciting things happening lately & we're staying super busy. So here's the latest bump update for you as I'm in the middle of the 30 week mark!

Baby Bump- 30 Weeks

Baby: About the size of a cantaloupe or butternut squash (17 in, 3.1 lbs).

How I feel: I'm not feeling too terrible, especially considering the extreme heat lately! I'm definitely worn out & don't do many productive things it seems ha! Oh well I guess. I'm hoping the "nesting" thing kicks in before too long.. Because I really need to get stuff done in her room, especially now that we've had two baby showers & three more to go!

Food: Ever since last week, I've felt more hungry lately. My pregnancy app says that our baby will grow around a half a pound every week until she's born.. So that's my guess on why I feel so hungry! Everyone keeps expecting me to tell them that I'm craving weird things like pickled ice cream or something, but I'm really not craving much lately. I feel like I can eat about anything & I'll be content.

Clothing: Things no longer fit my belly. Like I've said before, I live in Nike shorts, dresses & leggings lately. Sometimes I'll try to wear jeans or my maternity shorts, but I'd prefer to be comfy most of the time. I did purchase some stuff the other day for postnatal. And has anyone tried the Belly Bandit?? I am REALLY interested in one for after she gets here, but I wanted to see if someone other than the online reviewers have used one before. If you have, please comment or email me.. It'd be greatly appreciated! :)

Sleep: God is definitely trying to prepare me for when we have this baby! I have to get up to go to the restroom at least twice a night now. I was managing to hold it to just one time a night, but alas, that time is over. I'm not too uncomfortable at night which I'm thankful for. But it's a little harder to fall asleep & stay asleep because I feel like my belly is getting so big!

Best moment of the week: SO MANY! We had our first baby shower on Friday night with Andrew's side of the family (plus my mom & grandma). We got lots of good stuff & our baby girl is going to be decked out in some cute clothes!


Speaking of baby girl.. some of you may not know that we have officially decided to put her name out there & tell the world. We didn't really want to make it a huge deal because that's not really our style. But we're happy to announce that our baby girl's name is Ruby June Cunningham! :):) In case you're wondering, we really liked the name, "Ruby," but it turns out Andrew's side of the family has an "Aunt Ruby" in the family tree. And her middle name, "June," is named after my grandma! So there you go!


On Saturday, we had one of the coolest days ever! We got a 4D ultrasound & got to see our sweet Ruby's face! It was literally one of the coolest things ever. I cried a couple of times that day when I looked at the pictures. I can't believe that here in about 2 months we'll be holding her in our arms! She's got some great lips-- obviously working on her duck-lips face for selfies in the near future. And we're hopeful that she might come out with some hair! The girl who did our ultrasound told us she thinks she sees quite a bit. Maybe it'll be red?! We'll have to wait & see! Everything looks good with her though. She's already started to make her way head down.. YAY! And my doctor told me she's growing normally. We'll go back to the doctor on Monday for another checkup since we're going every two weeks now!


We also had another baby shower at Andrew's work yesterday! (The cake picture from above with her name on it was actually from this shower FYI.. I just had to announce her name when I was telling you guys! ;) ) Andrew's co-workers are so sweet! We had food & even played a couple of games. And we got lots of good stuff for her as well! It's so amazing to know how loved Ruby is by people already. We are blessed!


What I'm looking forward to: I'm looking forward to the other baby showers we're going to have in the next month or so! We've also been taking some different classes that our hospital offers. We're in the process of a birthing class at the moment & then we have a few more that cover breastfeeding, infant CPR & even an infant massage class! So I'm excited to finish all of those up! Like I said before, we're staying pretty busy but we're doing good & having fun!

So that's the latest bump update! :)

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  1. cuteeeee baby shower
    stay healthy. My pregnancy are 24weeks.
    Happy pregnancy \m/


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