Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One Month With Ruby!


My sweet baby girl turned one month old on Saturday! She is already growing up so fast & I can't believe we met her a month ago! She went to her one month checkup yesterday & did fabulous. Some of you may know that Ruby had a hard time gaining weight at first, but we are proud to say that she weighs 9 pounds 8 ounces & is 21 inches long. Which both of those happen to be in the 50th percentile so she is spot on.. Yay! And it turns out that she is in the 75th percentile in her head size, which Andrew says just means she's smart! :)

We FINALLY get to let her set the pace for feedings. We were feeding her strictly every 2 hours during the day & every 3 hours at night because of her weight issues. We're still trying to stick to a "schedule" by feeding her around every 4 hours unless she says otherwise. But those extra few hours at night make a world of difference to this tired momma!


Ruby is definitely becoming more alert. She loves her black & white curtains in her room, her Daddy's singing & she's starting to enjoy tummy time. She also likes to cuddle with her momma ;). Ruby likes her pacifier but gets a little overzealous sometimes & it falls out & then she gets mad haha.  She does NOT like bath time yet. I've tried to make it enjoyable by turning music on & talking to her but overall, she just isn't a fan right now! But at the same time, she doesn't like to be dirty. If her diaper is dirty for a split second, she'll typically let you know. She's a conflicted girl ha! She's still in newborn clothing but I have a feeling not for long. She can wear some 0-3 month already. When she moves out of newborn diapers though, I have a feeling I might cry.. Don't judge me!

We're taking this parenting thing a day at a time. Every day is a new adventure. Some days (& nights) are better than others but we really do love her & basically stare at her all the time!

Happy One Month, Ruby! We love you!


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