Monday, March 6, 2017

Five Months With Ruby!

R's dress: Old Navy (sold out but similar HERE) | R's tights: Old Navy (sold out but similar HERE) | R's shoes: Classic Dot | R's 5 months sticker: Sticky Bellies 
Five months already?! I seriously can't believe it. I feel like I just had Ruby a few weeks ago. I know she's still only a few months old, but I'm loving this stage right now. Ruby is pretty chill for the most part-- except recently at restaurants & when she's hungry or sleepy. She is recognizing faces now so she likes to hang around "Mom" &"Dad" more than others sometimes ha! Ruby is also rolling over more & more everyday. She's only rolled from back to tummy in her crib a couple of times, but she rolls almost daily from her tummy to back. Ruby is starting to hold toys in her hands & reach for stuff more. She has a new love for her teething ring & tries to put anything & everything in her mouth.

This past month we started cereal & she eats it like a champ! Although, most of it gets all over her hands & her face! :) She has the habit of sticking her hands in her mouth right after I give her a bite.. It gets everywhere! It's usually easiest just to let her eat only in her diaper so then we can wipe her off or bathe her. She really is doing well with it & we're probably going to introduce veggies & fruits sometime soon!

Ruby LOVES "petting" Murphy! He's super soft so I think she loves that about him. Today she grabbed his paw & was trying to put it in her mouth (ha!), but don't worry guys, I caught her in time. Murph was looking at me like, "Mom, make her stop." He likes her (we think) but he's not so sure about her sometimes & he gets this annoyed look on his face when she cries. It's pretty humorous because it's like he's telling us, "Is there a fee to ship her back? I'll cover it for you guys."

Ruby smiles all the time. She really is a happy baby. She has her moments where she screams & cries, but she's seriously such a joy to have in our lives. I can be having the worst day ever & she'll smile or laugh at me & it's impossible not to light right up. She's the best.

We love you, Ruby June! Happy 5 months of life!

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