Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mama, Enjoy Your Dirty Shirt

As I was looking in the mirror the other day, I saw my shirt & noticed quite a few new "spots" that weren't there when I put my clothes on that morning. When I put my clothes on for the day, they were perfect. They hadn't been spit up on yet. They hadn't had snot rubbed all over them. And they definitely didn't have other things on them that I had to question.

No, my clothes were clean.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Six Months With Ruby!

Not sure how, but Ruby is 6 months old today! It's hard to believe that half a year ago, I held her in my arms for the first time. I literally feel like I just had her last month, but at the same time, I can't remember what my life was like before she was here. Ruby is the happiest baby I've ever seen. Sure, she cries & screams sometimes, but she smiles SO much! She is such a joy & will instantly make your day better, I promise.
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