Thursday, September 14, 2017

11 Months With Ruby!

 So, I'm over a week late in posting this because we were on vacation & I'm in first-birthday-party-planning-mode, but Ruby turned 11 months last Tuesday! I seriously can't believe that in 3 weeks from today, my sweet little girl will be one! I've caught myself looking at all of her newborn time frame pictures today & it gives me such mixed emotions. I'm so happy that we have a thriving, growing, healthy, happy daughter. But at the same time, I'm going to miss all of these baby days with her!

Ruby is SO close to standing on her own. I feel like it's going to happen any day now. She enjoys eating lots of table food, but does NOT like fruit or vegetables at all (pretty much like her mama ha!). She throws them on the floor. And she knows the difference between things she likes & things she doesn't like just by looking at them. This morning I somehow got her to eat blueberries without me sneaking them in banana pancakes (which are her fave). She is a meat loving girl for sure though-- seriously, she will eat any meat you give to her. In the next few weeks, we'll start the weaning process which again, gives me a little mixed feelings. I think I'm mainly excited because that means I'm not as "tied down" to our nursing schedule. It does make me a little sad to think though that this is the last thing Ruby & I share together, just the two of us.

Like I said previously, we went on vacation last week to L.A. & San Diego! Ruby did really good flying. She had a couple of "moments" on the plane, but they were pretty short lived & could be fixed by snacks or her water cup. We tried to sit by other babies so that was kind of the designated "kid section." Most everyone was nice to her & complemented how stinkin' adorable she was. And Ruby can make friends with anyone, she's such a people person (which is not like me at all). She also did great in both of our hotels other than napping, & she grew to like the beach more & more every time we went. But the pool is what she truly loves. It's so fun to watch her splash & laugh!

Ruby, we love watching you grow, learn & experience new things! We thank God everyday that we get to be your parents! We love you!

Happy 11 months, sweet girl!

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